These Instagram Accounts Are Trying So Hard To Be Spooky
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Get ready gang, this is a spooky one.
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on LV-home, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez

    so it's come to my attention that the second I start making fun of the devil's voice around 2:30, a really soft static noise starts playing in the background. i did not add this in and it stops right when i stop making fun of the devil and in conclusion i will never sleep again.

    • Mutant_phrog_ Weirdo
      Mutant_phrog_ Weirdo

      You shouldn't have made fun of him

    • Davids gaming zone
      Davids gaming zone

      nah man its just him coming for your ∑∩+∪±∑∑∩

    • Random internet person
      Random internet person

      Messing with the devil isn't a joke Danny! (It's like the "Identity theft is not a joke Jim!" thing)

    • s v
      s v


    • Big Dorito
      Big Dorito

      I feel bad for the devil, dude u roasted him

  • Spök!

    Once there was once we're a children thath feel and died was i mmidietly

  • The Space Baryonyx
    The Space Baryonyx

    The sand story is true i googled it WHY DO PEOPLE NEED THAT MUCH SAD


    It's here... This... Thing... I-I-I don't know what it is... I-I-I-I-It's a bla-AAH! It's coming for me. I've been running from it for... Two... Three-Three weeks... My... My name is Austin... Austin Hiv-VVEEAHH!! I don't have enough time to type this. I'm using voice. AAHH! WHAT WAS THAT!? I-I go- G-I gotta get outta heeEERE!! A-Austin Out-- Was that a little creepy? If you're interested, it's a lore bit for my channel.

  • Commander ECHO
    Commander ECHO

    The Devil turned everyone's TV so they couldnt see him hes to shy

  • Jack Ig
    Jack Ig

    Btw the Texas thing is true. I live in that area and I’ve heard the story from my parents and other people. He jumped into cow bayou if I’m correct but I could be wrong

  • Érika Mergen
    Érika Mergen

    The fact about Charles Darwin was cool, but... WHERE'S THE SAND??

  • Gabi Vancil
    Gabi Vancil

    Did anyone else see the flash on the tv behind Danny near the time stamp of 5:07 when Danny says “cause kids see ghosts” Ps:love your videos Danny :)

    • Gabi Vancil
      Gabi Vancil

      Edit:sorry I ment the time stamp 5:06 or 5:05

  • Memeology Man
    Memeology Man

    5:05 tv

  • Mik mak
    Mik mak

    Just look into your own pupils n the texture of your irises very intensely in the mirror n your face starts changing while you focus on your eyes 🤗

  • Blue Beast
    Blue Beast

    Did any one else see the tv when he said ghost

  • mountain dew fan
    mountain dew fan

    where did the sand go? oh i know to make tnt

  • Ya boi Pathfinder
    Ya boi Pathfinder

    I’m telling my friend (named Greg) to watch this channel. I’m gonna see what his reaction is tomorrow.



  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    I SAW A SCARY REFLECTION- oh it’s myself 😢

  • LilJ 9000
    LilJ 9000

    5:00 what’s happening

  • marion blusch
    marion blusch

    the beach getting stolen is true i googled its actually so stupid

  • emotionless

    5:03 Kids don't see ghosts. It's just their imaginations. I can remember where I was a kid I seen stuff and I thought it was real but it was just my imaginations so kids don't really see ghosts.

  • Squidy Kind
    Squidy Kind

    We are not real viewers its in your mind

  • Mrs Duck
    Mrs Duck

    Well, the falling baby story isn’t real obviously but something similar happened to that situation. a baby was actually dropped out a window which is horrible but it’s a true story

  • Anynonymous

    Guy 1: Hey dude, don't jump into that water, theres an alligator in there or something I dunno what the difference is between alligators and crocodiles. Guy 2: Screw that alligator, I wanna swim in here! Guy 1: Ok, guess I can't stop you. But I mean, guess you'll die... **guy two dies** Guy 1: Told you so.

  • Keenan Sosa
    Keenan Sosa

    September 11 is my birthday I was born in 2013

  • Paula Dominkovic
    Paula Dominkovic

    My birthday is on the 31.

  • Annmarie Volpe
    Annmarie Volpe

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa scary

  • wiqqqed

    The sand gods who stole the beach are gonna be the final boss of the covid era. The sand apocalypse is upon us

  • Kav Rha
    Kav Rha

    Did anyone else notice the TV in the back when he said kids say creepy shit

  • Scott Budlong
    Scott Budlong

    did they even have tvs the 1968

  • Lila Frank
    Lila Frank

    5:03 what is on the tv!!

  • Nice

    I got an ad in the middle of the video about brushing your hair... Scary 😖😖

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar

    Ah yes i love watching videos who dont make me scared.

  • Madi

    i didnt know the devil could pull a max headroom incident that was the weirdest reference I've ever made

  • that one last sock that you lost
    that one last sock that you lost

    At 15:34 you can see that he broke his lid.

    • ᑭOᔕTᗰᗩᑎ ᔕIᗰᑭ
      ᑭOᔕTᗰᗩᑎ ᔕIᗰᑭ

      16 seconds

  • lumen!

    for the demons voice thing it was literally a dat after my grandmas birthday and in the same year she was born idk i thought that was funny

  • My cat is angry
    My cat is angry

    Maybe the devil just wants to try Asmr

  • Natalie Hansen
    Natalie Hansen

    mr. sandman... *stole all my sand*

  • Jade Williams
    Jade Williams

    I'm from Jamaica. The sand story is true. It stolen for building development.

  • MAN

    Why do Martians use the Imperial system

  • Boingo

    You never fail to make me laugh. Ik this is an old video but I love your content

  • Blue Dragon Player
    Blue Dragon Player

    I was laughing so hard during the Charles Darwin part

  • Akachi


  • Diogo Faria
    Diogo Faria

    the baby thing is real not the pic tho

  • Just Gianna
    Just Gianna

    How is no one talking abt the tv at 5:03, I mean Ik it’s fake but like-

  • Gamerman No cap
    Gamerman No cap


  • Ellerbrook Schmitz
    Ellerbrook Schmitz

    so this october, the next episode of HAZBIN HOTEL comes out. the perfect spooky show. but it is for q8 and up, so e aware of that. just thought people who are into it should know

  • Itz_UwU Gacha
    Itz_UwU Gacha

    If they put a link to a Collins key video it would be scarier. Actually Collins key is scarier than anything I can think of-

  • Kristie Gucciardo
    Kristie Gucciardo

    I hate when the mayor shows up and takes my floor

  • Chris312

    The trolled effect is what makes people think bloody marry exists, your brain fucks with you by changing your face slowly

  • Khushi Anu
    Khushi Anu

    you know, humans are animals too!

  • avacado toca Méabh
    avacado toca Méabh

    This video was made the day before my birthday 🎂!!!!

  • Isabella Sutherland
    Isabella Sutherland

    11:47 dont think just click

  • Anna Schniederjan
    Anna Schniederjan

    I am nine years old and also greg. i am the youngest greg.

  • HylianArcher

    they need the sand to make tnt

  • I like this
    I like this

    i like this

  • Mutant_phrog_ Weirdo
    Mutant_phrog_ Weirdo


  • Davids gaming zone
    Davids gaming zone


  • Hà Phương Nguyễn
    Hà Phương Nguyễn

    How do you steal a beach?

  • Edgardo Acal
    Edgardo Acal

    Your sus

  • JackSleeps

    eating animals isn't that weird.

  • Naomi Greenwood
    Naomi Greenwood

    5:09 boi yp tv just got lighting right at that moment;-;

  • Ted Brosnan
    Ted Brosnan

    3:49 just casually flexing his iPhone X

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    The last time I stared at myself in the mirror too long I thought I looked like Sid the sloth....

  • pikachu star
    pikachu star

    The “fuck the alligator” one is true, he even got a Darwin Award (award given for people with dumb deaths)

  • Anonymous nightmare
    Anonymous nightmare

    So does that mean Charles Darwin probably ate a bit of *himself* ?

  • GoblinStitched

    3:11 i hate the cuz last night that happened to me and even tho i know its not real i still think it is :(

  • Speedz

    That guy really said that before dying to an alligator. Famous last words.

  • Skyboo

    when you said if a was a f**ken THEN a ADD PLAYED THAT WAS FOR DOG FOOD

  • Phenx shock
    Phenx shock

    I did math he would not be 56 presedient

  • ManOfManyHats

    Fuckers took my beach! Can’t have shit in Detroit

  • P C
    P C

    8:50 it’s called using your imagination I see all kinds of shit on my floor lol

  • Ava Barker
    Ava Barker


  • •°⊙~itz Moonlight Y'all~⊙°•
    •°⊙~itz Moonlight Y'all~⊙°•


  • James Animations
    James Animations

    If some crazy old man says a baby named something in 2082 and my child is coming out then I am gonna name it that for fame buh

  • Kacper Mielnik
    Kacper Mielnik

    what type of pickaxe did he use to destroy the face (i think stone)?

  • Carter Adams
    Carter Adams

    I haven't seen this explained in a comment yet but at 3:00 it is a thing where if you stare at yourself in the mirror with a low light level your face will start to look distorted and really creepy. Basically your brain auto maps peoples faces the second they see them and by focusing on an exact point on your face (Ex the tip of your nose) with a low light level your brain doesn't process that it's your face all it can tell is there is someone standing there so it will start auto filling the empty face randomly with a collection of every face you have seen before. I think the Modern Rouge as an amazing video on this exact thing if anyone is interested I think it is called Why the Bloody Mary Illusion works or something like that.

  • a very original name
    a very original name

    wtf danny why did your TV just turn on for a second at 5:04 did you edit that?

    • Wumpus

      I think his house is haunted 👻

  • bhavish vijay
    bhavish vijay

    lol the electric chair was made by thomas edison and made legal by a dentist

  • bhavish vijay
    bhavish vijay

    i have a weird thing where if a room i know is dark my brain from memory will look as if it lit up so i mean NIGHT VISION.sometimes it will even imagine like my mom or a creepy man standing in the corner...

  • Marina K
    Marina K

    I love hollowen Too

  • uu8q is gud
    uu8q is gud

    It so spoky

  • Rabid Raccoon
    Rabid Raccoon

    7:21 Dababy?!?!?

    • Wumpus


  • wildpaws

    nobody: danny: If i was a fucking- Ad: doors and windows get everything you need-

  • Anville

    all children fear Darwin the Devourer

  • Madiq is sum Ting wong
    Madiq is sum Ting wong

    Is he in a rv cux I love the background


    It was on the news it’s real do you Martian boy

  • MoonBlocks!

    its funny how he says whats up greg......... my names greg

  • Ashley the gacha Potato
    Ashley the gacha Potato

    UM Danny ur tv just like almost open when U were talking about kids says the Creepy things...

  • Yunsin

    11:40 People use it for burying

  • Ninja666


  • Disarendo

    0:6 he was scared of he pp size

  • Full Echo
    Full Echo

    12:59 I highly doubt that this is true considering 2082 isn't an election year.

  • Lego Empire
    Lego Empire

    I had nightmares of a mayor teleporting into my house and stole my floor

  • RSAFMPF Star light
    RSAFMPF Star light

    👻 BOO!

  • gracie

    2:37 Me a born Christian after this joke and learning how he got kicked out of heaven 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️👀”ion know about stage fright, he had a lot of pride..”

  • spoike dainja leslay
    spoike dainja leslay

    The kid that said, "it looks just like the hanged man in our basement" was probably just on r/cursedcomments for too long and wanted to be funny

  • spoike dainja leslay
    spoike dainja leslay

    Danny: Are we sure this kid didn't just see... Me:*expecting a reference to pop culture or something scary* Danny: ...a tree? Dude that made me audibly laugh

  • James Horne
    James Horne

    Danny Gonzalez your TV just shut off and on

    • hornet is void
      hornet is void

      It was a edit by danny

  • Ivy


  • Taylor Snyder
    Taylor Snyder

    Me trying to ignore the fact that his TV flashed at 5:04 :S


    go to 5:04 HIS TV HAS SOMETHING

  • WokeMart

    The Russian child also said that they lived underground