Influencer Paparazzi Makes Me Super Uncomfortable
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  • Yasser M
    Yasser M

    11:55 dead lol

  • Mads

    The intro is just perfect

  • pinia sanilo
    pinia sanilo

    U could move to Germany, this is illegal I here. You can not post pictures/ videos of people without them giving their permission. For example Heidi Klum held her kids out of the public for years there are pictures of them in America but everybody in Germany had to take them down. Until this year when she decided to go public with Leni.

  • Jamie Marie Delos Santos
    Jamie Marie Delos Santos

    Danny funny. Yes.

  • BananaNotOnline :3
    BananaNotOnline :3

    "lets complain" Me: aight its my time to SHINE

  • BananaNotOnline :3
    BananaNotOnline :3

    when you have to explain the joke

  • adecree

    My "hollywood fix" 😂

  • AlfaMLBWolf

    0:38 WTH?

    • Cassidy P
      Cassidy P


  • Angelo Diaco
    Angelo Diaco

    The Nightcrawler style skit is one of my all time favorites on this channel.

  • Hello Imahuman
    Hello Imahuman

    That loose hair hurts my soul

  • su maameri
    su maameri

    there is a comment that says: I don't know what's weirder. Someone stalking kids, Danny watching someone stalking kids, or us watching Danny watching someone stalk kids. but if you look behind danny at 7:30, santa pops up and thats just even creepy XD

  • Parami Wijesundara
    Parami Wijesundara

    7:30 BEHIND YOU!?!!?!!

  • TheEmeraldKryptonite

    Danny, that little thread of hair on your forehead sticks out like a sore thumb

    • PineGrinds

      I know it is bugging me

  • j.sharp23

    I like how you just made the entire plot of Nightcrawler into a 20 second clip in the middle of your video

  • Alien Is here
    Alien Is here

    Im hispanic and on the drama news show "Suelta la sopa" it means spill the soup in spanish another way of saying "spill the tea" and one of these celebrity was out partying (Chikis Rivera) and i understand that you should do that during covid but then they are breathing over another celeb like 6 microphones next to the poor womans face, like 6 men are hunching over this woman (Gloria Trevi i think) while you can tell she uncomftorble. Another thing si that they always have interview them at the airport like what!

  • rowyal

    the nightcrawler reference was mwha. perfect.

  • wee wee
    wee wee

    *until you love me, danny, dannyrazzi*

  • Super swag
    Super swag

    Their really not children 15 and 17-18 years old is a young adult

  • BakedSalmon

    I know you got 4.7 million subs, but, is it too much to ask you to hang out sometime? Hmu. 👊🐟

  • Katelyn &
    Katelyn &

    I’m sorry but the ads come on at the funniest time like “The end... DID YOU KNOW THAT DOVE IS THE BEST BODY WASH”

  • cicero the jester
    cicero the jester

    God the intro music was cringey

  • Jahana Huseyinli
    Jahana Huseyinli

    he literally payed a kid to give of Bigi Jackson’s (Michael Jackson’s son) location. who is very protected and rarely seen. and the kid was so sad about the whole incident

  • wearetotaly_ fine
    wearetotaly_ fine

    the start made me scared (the camra not the song the song was cool)

  • Sgt Major
    Sgt Major

    12:23 gives me nightcrawler vibes

  • Some Emo bean lol
    Some Emo bean lol

    Danny your curtains are opened… someone could’ve been stalking you and you wouldn’t have known 👁👄👁

  • Kiara Bates
    Kiara Bates

    stalkerazzi 💫

  • Sylvie and Daisy
    Sylvie and Daisy

    Did anyone else make a stupid face when he took the picture at the beginning 😂

  • Daisy K
    Daisy K

    13:42 that paparazzi fight reminds me of that challenge on RuPauls Drag Race. Where they pretend to have beef for the paparazzi

  • choya malone
    choya malone

    Who noticed that lil Santa there Poppin out

  • Srikanth Samy
    Srikanth Samy

    The guy interviewing them was so cringe that it made me embarrassed

  • pham lieu
    pham lieu

    The charming fighter naively sip because money intringuingly frighten outside a jagged yak. steadfast, relieved news

  • Rachel Moore
    Rachel Moore

    So, basically, these "influencers" pay this paparazzo to "happen upon them" and pretend they're actual celebrities? Got it!

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    Lil Huddy talked to the camera man even tho he didn't wanted to while everyone just ignores him lol

  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen

    12:28 This is literally the plot of Nightcrawler (2014)

    • Brendan Nguyen
      Brendan Nguyen


  • TheR9107

    doing it more then 3 times is creepy. Man, everything comes in threes. Like the whole if you shake it more then twice, it's playing with it. Crazy coincidence. Unless the Lizard people want us to think that.

  • Flicker

    loved the outro man

  • Eyad Nasr
    Eyad Nasr

    You need to look up this dakota guy he is on tiktok and gives ppl new phones if they destroy their old phone or smthn

  • Eyad Nasr
    Eyad Nasr

    You need to look up this dakota guy he is on tiktok and gives ppl new phones if they destroy their old phone or smthn

  • Rzmin

    7:31 anyone else see the santa in the background

  • David Lafaye
    David Lafaye

    Im prettysure they mean u can look through like out the window not through (inside) someone else's window

  • AnnabelleXD

    Love how Americans act like a 5 hour flight is long. Try living in Australia and flying to the northern hemisphere. I’ve spent over 24 hours in transit 😩

    • AnnabelleXD

      So until you’ve sat in economy for 15 hours straight ya’ll can stop complaining 😂

  • Someone someone
    Someone someone

    look here;It is also unlawful to invade else's privacy while being lawfully on property but while looking an opening or peephole to who has a reasonable expectation of privacy or by using a device such as or cameras to or take photographs of others with the intent to invade their ...30 Nov 2018is it legal to look thru someones window with binocuals

  • no thoughts head empty
    no thoughts head empty

    this is the first video of urs i've watched but im kinda obsessed w the way u said "maybe i need to brush up on like. ✨ the law ✨"

  • Jager Bracken
    Jager Bracken


  • Paige Trosen
    Paige Trosen

    This is Danny’s funniest video

  • Your Local Lesbian
    Your Local Lesbian

    thanks for the message at the end man

  • methegamerx

    7:29 YOOOO That actually scared me

  • Bethy

    you, kurtis, and drew could literally be john mulaney’s minions

  • Daniela

    Hahahaha. This is so good. Laughing like crazy late at night about people I never heard about

  • Tanvi Kejriwal
    Tanvi Kejriwal

    12:32 LMAO....this is basically the plot of Nightcrawler.

  • Fun With Violet
    Fun With Violet

    No one: No one at all: Danny saying pacific nested of specific

  • b • r • o • o • k • e •
    b • r • o • o • k • e •

    this man is married

  • shen yu chen
    shen yu chen

    whats the song its fire

  • Harriet MacKinnon
    Harriet MacKinnon

    make a part two!!!

  • Cats Are Cute
    Cats Are Cute


  • vetscan vue
    vetscan vue

    You should make merch that says let's complain

  • Pxstelloxo

    *G R E G*

  • Herman

    The End

  • The Last Ronin
    The Last Ronin

    Food, food is good

  • oblivion

    Baby J's........having a baby.........I-

    • Herman

      I'm pricklenuts

  • Lord Zords
    Lord Zords

    Its kind of messed up like where is the line? we know some folks rage about being filmed in public or people filming in public in general we have seen the videos, what if someone wants to make their content "you" but its in public, if its legal to film in public wheres the line? im just saying if filming in public is "legal" can it be called content? i am not saying the reporter is not cringe and out of line just a thought.

  • The idkyeet
    The idkyeet


  • monkeynumber nine
    monkeynumber nine

    *HAHAHA* well... they did want fame.

  • VFD

    WAIT did charli just say she was to young to know what team 10 was I was 7 and watched team 10

  • subby13

    11:58 Plot of Nightcrawler(2014)

  • Lunova

    Wait if cameramen aren't supposed to follow you around your whole life asking pointless questions; then who was sitting in my closet my entire childhood Danny?

  • I dunno what to put here :/
    I dunno what to put here :/

    Danny is like a protagonist *he doesn’t age*

  • Send Central
    Send Central

    I’m 13 and I was around for team 10 but these 18 and 16 years olds weren’t lol

  • Amara Conliffe
    Amara Conliffe

    Influencer: **exists** Paparazzi: hippity hoppity you're now my property

    • h e n r y h a w k
      h e n r y h a w k


  • Daisy Dances
    Daisy Dances

    Ok so ima start a partition For Danny (when he has one) to call his baby him/her Greg or gregette So comment on this comment If u agree say ‘Greg’ *COME ON LETS GOO GREGS*

    • Chihiro Fujisaki
      Chihiro Fujisaki

      Wait, call the baby Greg, no matter the gender, it would be so iconic

  • Devyn Kubley
    Devyn Kubley

    What a blessed life I live that I haven’t heard of Candy Ken and Baby J until this very moment.

  • Dyorah Panko
    Dyorah Panko

    my respect for him with the end screen 📈📈📈📈📈

  • Blake Woodson
    Blake Woodson

    if they dont know that you are taking pictures of them isnt he stalking them wth

  • Real Laurens
    Real Laurens

    0:39 Me: “Oh hey Danny!” “Danny?” “Danny why are you coming closer?” “DANNY?!” “DANN-“

  • Phoenix blood Fire
    Phoenix blood Fire

    What I’ve learned so far on how to be a famous LV-homer 1:Have bright neon colours 2:be able to yell anytime of day 3:be rich 4:be modern 5:be on Danny Gonzalez

  • Rosalie Grummel
    Rosalie Grummel

    This is pretty weird but they have become friends with them which is kinda funny.

  • The Rain Piano
    The Rain Piano

    I would had been told him this "Hey Sir do you know it's illegal to record minors without having a written permission from our parents"

  • Wendy With A Gun
    Wendy With A Gun


  • Junebug

    ok the paparazzi in the bit is just Jake Gyllenhaal from nightcrawler

  • Toy Dubz
    Toy Dubz

    Ultimate respect for that ending, Danny. 💯❤️

  • Jager Baby
    Jager Baby

    Dixie: we don’t know about team 10, we are too young ...I’m younger than her and I know about team 10 because it was literally like 3 or 4 years ago. I think she just wanted the guy to go away... or she’s stupid

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson

    I feel like going to a random stanger and taking pictures and asking questions should be illegal but if that person is famously known and actually gives permission to that person it is ok

  • boneill1478

    This video reminds me of the paparazzi from GTA. You know, the one that was filming an alleged underage young woman getting railed without her consent? Yeah him.

  • toeragtoerag

    Dan Dan the mermaid man do be good at singing those mermaid thingy tho

  • Cameroni Pepperoni
    Cameroni Pepperoni


  • amberthesuperfox

    I heard hollywood fix is on payrool like the cellebs pay him

  • Daniel Zhupanov
    Daniel Zhupanov

    friend: “What did you do today?” Danny: “I waved a camera in front of a camera”

  • Camden Harley
    Camden Harley

    liked and shared specifically for the message at the end 🥺💖

  • flower.defenceless

    Same thing happend to louis tomlinson, he was like ambushed after 1D broke up it made me so fucking mad just leave him alone. at the end he took the hollywood fix guys phone and gave it to someone passing

  • S0oK


  • Sophia Jones
    Sophia Jones


  • Jill Honda
    Jill Honda

    The round blade whitely decorate because panty philosophically expand regarding a unequal firewall. tranquil, guiltless karen

  • Alisha Memon
    Alisha Memon

    18:05 CHECK IT NOW!

  • Steven Askin III
    Steven Askin III

    Danny was catching us in 4K, be for being caught in 4K was being caught in 4K.

  • Ayli Nickerson
    Ayli Nickerson

    creepy af

  • kevin skirkanich
    kevin skirkanich

    The wrathful grouse ontogenically guarantee because encyclopedia italy explode without a quickest passive. sable, secret range

  • Shigechi Yangu
    Shigechi Yangu

    Yandere: watches you through window Paparazzi: 👁️👄👁️

    • Chihiro Fujisaki
      Chihiro Fujisaki

      I am the paparazzi, I am a yandere, and we are not the same person, we may do similar things, we may act alike but we are different nonetheless, and if you took to the time to get to know us, for a minute, you'd see that I'm the paparazzi, I'm a yandere, and I'm the paparazzi

  • questqrew Tracer
    questqrew Tracer

    the thing with Danny's and Drew's Channel is that they're the only reason I know how f*cked this world actually is...

  • anonym Eliswag:D
    anonym Eliswag:D

    Im anti-fan Dan B)

  • lucas kassahun
    lucas kassahun

    That intro reminded me of a more sinister version of Help Me, Help You by Pogan Laul. Just me though.

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