These Guys Again ("Up" But Everything Is Even Worse)
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The gang from "What's Up" is back and worse than ever
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on LV-home, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • アリーナAłınä

    One day.... I'm going to make an appreciation post just for Guto..... one day....

  • dancrayZ

    why does he keep taking away parts of the GREG sign

    • dancrayZ

      he even put the 2 Gs and the E on the ground spelling EGG ... WHY

  • Skylar Griffin
    Skylar Griffin

    As a texan that breakfest is insulting We always have one and a half eggs served by our racist robots

  • Burning Elsen
    Burning Elsen

    This is a very niche joke, but Dr. Crumb’s personality in What’s Up vs. Little & Big Monsters is like Toei Dr. Saotome vs. Shin manga Dr. Saotome.

  • Swiftly Several
    Swiftly Several

    Maybe instead of a robot he should use hello fresh!

  • Katerina Glabuchek
    Katerina Glabuchek

    green ball 😩🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵😩😩😩

  • PrincessSarah10

    Fun fact: In one video he had only the G-E-G letters in the background. Now he has the R. Just think bout that 😂

  • kitterpawz

    i am a mess myself

  • gender fluid
    gender fluid

    8:14 yea gunto would've been tore to shreds and died immediately from the impact of the object and died


    What happened to you face

  • Celestia Ludenburg
    Celestia Ludenburg

    Chinese: “exist” Writers: “No”

  • Stripey 1010
    Stripey 1010

    I learned Japanese and when that machine said CHANGCHOINGCHINGGHANGINGTOING *insults.*

  • Stripey 1010
    Stripey 1010

    Can I just say nobody’s grandpa talks like a high pitched wheeze Why did you come down here? There are better comments yknow

  • bitch hoe
    bitch hoe

    I guess you can say that monster got a-*salt*-ed ok I’ll see myself out

  • Hilal Karabuber
    Hilal Karabuber

    Whats up a racist pixar clone

  • Filipineboi

    I think the writers are descendants of KKK members

  • Steven Pendergast
    Steven Pendergast

    which mommy

  • Dhylan Dhylan
    Dhylan Dhylan

    The first one I watched was this one then saw the alien hunter so I thought there was to of them and I was confused lol

  • Lathan Fitzpatrick
    Lathan Fitzpatrick

    Glad too see dr crumb get a character arc cant wait to see the midquel toy adventure

  • Lathan Fitzpatrick
    Lathan Fitzpatrick

    10:00 eeeeyyyyyy funny pun

  • CakePøp

    19:43- they go from tickling it to strapping it down under a microscope

  • Alli the StarGazer
    Alli the StarGazer

    I slap my friends and my friends slap me when either of us are having a nervous breakdown

  • DRESDENEQUE !!!!!!
    DRESDENEQUE !!!!!!

    11:30-11:45 😂😂😂

  • ꧁Micheal Afton simp꧂
    ꧁Micheal Afton simp꧂

    Swallow these salty peanuts! -Guto 2020

  • Taika j
    Taika j

    ever heard of an espresso, danny?

  • Complex Games
    Complex Games

    Why did he put 4 mid rolls in this video.

  • Hyperboy

    What’s up, a bad Black Mesa film

  • felix's precious smile uwu
    felix's precious smile uwu

    1:20 bang chan 😟

  • sheesh

    Has danny not heard of expresso

  • Lani Broomfield
    Lani Broomfield

    Its awful this video is the only reason the creators probably got views

  • Kissma Tukus
    Kissma Tukus

    16:38 if that is not the gayest thing ive ever heard-

  • Shawn Bliss
    Shawn Bliss

    I am R

  • XxMelia_SunxX

    While in most movies and stuff, if somebody is having a nervous breakdown, their friends will slap them out of it. but not in Akame Ga Kill. No, instead, *Tatsumi punches himself*

  • Dragon Born
    Dragon Born

    An asteroid shrinks when it enters the earth's atmosphere

  • rat in a hat
    rat in a hat

    gunto fanclub | | V

  • Olivia Muchow
    Olivia Muchow

    *Ahem* The Chinese setting. Of the robot. Has a virus. 2020 who?

  • One Topic At A Time
    One Topic At A Time

    Dr. Crumb seems to be so angry at himself and venting those frustrations on the machines and the people around him... I hope you feel better, Dr. Crumb... 😔 Edit: he’s a lot happier in the sequel!! 😊

    • Anna Aphie
      Anna Aphie

      Oh dang One Topic in the wild!!

    • Kittycat Sun
      Kittycat Sun

      So glad he mentally gets better in the sequel, because here he was so ANGRY and it just upsetting since it’s clear he want to be a successful inventor

  • Jen


  • Kaz Draws
    Kaz Draws

    Just realized the letters in the background spelling out “EGG”

  • Henry Cowan
    Henry Cowan

    8:18 I swear that is Ash Ketchum

  • Bleu

    There were so many peanuts in that one scene that they made the movie lag

  • Ibrahim Ayyad
    Ibrahim Ayyad

    I'm not a scientist im just a physics nerd but no matter the speed anything that enters the atmosphere will burn up due to the sudden change in oxygen and air pressure

  • pupper

    the way he says cashews is so fun idky

  • Dr. Doote
    Dr. Doote


  • Nik Never
    Nik Never

    13:16 Gutos face here is the easiest way to summarize awful animated movies

  • Ryan Webb
    Ryan Webb

    Is it just me, or does Dr. Crum sound like Dr. Eggman? Heck, he sounds like one of the mice from Ratatoing

  • Ryan Webb
    Ryan Webb

    Poor Gunto

  • Shannon Spurgeon
    Shannon Spurgeon

    i can imagine that when he dies they stomed dance on his grave

  • Sarah Hull
    Sarah Hull

    Mad respect for Danny for sitting through this whole movie lmao 22:05

  • Trentonomore

    Anyone else think that Dr. Crumb sounds like Eggman sometimes

  • Random cube
    Random cube


  • yawn

    umm im pretty sure that isnt even chinese, but rather a reallyy bad impression of one im not angry, im just disappointed.

  • BRKL_Spider42 The_Fake_Miles_Morales
    BRKL_Spider42 The_Fake_Miles_Morales

    I don't think that was salt Danny...

  • Emily S
    Emily S

    3:20 well, that kinda took a new, more terrible meaning

  • Katie

    I just noticed a lot of the voice actors here are the voice actors for sonic X

    • Ryan Webb
      Ryan Webb

      Like Amy as Amanda or Eggman as Crum

  • Alan_Red

    14:13 I know that voice, it's the news Lady from dinosaur King!

  • Luthien R.
    Luthien R.

    ive been having dreams abt monsters in a theatre and i just realized it was this. i hate my life

  • Case

    12:44 had me dead

  • Liz Rd
    Liz Rd

    i’m still floored that 4kids decided to dub this movie and put the main cast of Sonic X at the forefront...MINUS Knuckles

  • aqila shabrina
    aqila shabrina

    That's...not how chinese- You know what, nevermind :)

  • Ashish Purohit
    Ashish Purohit

    Easter Egg: For the last video Danny Introduced himself as a ripoff of Danny Gonzalez and in the background the GREG symbol had the R removed spelling GEG. For this video he introduces himself as a ripoff of the ripoff of Danny Gonzalez and the GREG is just a G now.

  • Aiden Garcia
    Aiden Garcia

    just realized this was posted on my birthday lol

    • Aiden Garcia
      Aiden Garcia

      @charcboi y labagir thanks lol

    • charcboi y labagir
      charcboi y labagir

      happy birthday

  • FUNN

    Amanda sounds like Carol from Ratatoing

  • Soop

    Reminder that Amanda also voices the sexy rat in Ratatoing.

  • Trenton H
    Trenton H

    13:58 damn doc missed the plate

  • whattsup jay
    whattsup jay

    20:46 guto use pin missile

  • Lengeny

    22:42 is that gunto in the background and the other scientist (aka not uncle guy)

  • RandomGamer Person
    RandomGamer Person

    bruh, i thought they wouldve brought back the salt lazer. like, WHY?!?!!

  • baran jan
    baran jan

    13:10 Cars movie was a ripoff of the poster in background

  • Wil


  • Hansika Ramanadham
    Hansika Ramanadham

    They somehow put Chinese and virus relate in this movie hmmmmm...

  • LuR.I.P

    Aren’t we gonna talk about the fact that krum made a telescope to purposely communicate to monsters even thought He said he doesn’t believe in monsters

  • Oak of the Oak
    Oak of the Oak

    fun fact my uncle made the grudge

    • Oak of the Oak
      Oak of the Oak

      My uncle made the most recent

  • CertifiedTrashPanda

    Wait the robot who hates Chinese people has a virus. 🤔 Btw I’m not racist

  • The Train
    The Train

    12:44 I CANT

  • clarygirl977

    21:46 looks like that ice cream server later got a job as a reporter in the next film. Good for her

  • Arion Clarke
    Arion Clarke

    It's really sad tbh cuz all deez fake ass movies LITERALLY look like they were made in the 1990's with their animation software LOL...I MEAN LIKE....LOOK AT TOY STORY 1...AND THAT SHIT WAS LITERALLY MADE IN 1998....AND LOOK HOW IT TURNED OUT....And now look at this bs.... made in 2007 or sum shi.....UNBELIEVABLE! Smhhhh

  • Evelina Metsovaara
    Evelina Metsovaara

    A virus from china? 😳

  • Avery Klein
    Avery Klein

    As a scientist , I can confirm that a meteor of that size and speed would have indeed “rocked his shit “

  • Lan PlaysRoblox
    Lan PlaysRoblox

    How did \amanda know there were three monsters? Like there was no evidence

  • Tyrone Kujo
    Tyrone Kujo

    Sad admiring Danny’s shirt and knowing I can have it Happy to discover it is Yikes merch from Eddy Sad that it is sold out

  • Lanman546

    Yo Up+racism=what’s up

  • CertifiedTrashPanda

    I like how everyone was complaining about R being gone so now it’s just the R

  • Allosaurus fragilis
    Allosaurus fragilis


  • Kathryn K
    Kathryn K

    He subscribed to a chineese newsletter and got a virus :o

  • Audrey Sissom
    Audrey Sissom

    I have now calculated how long ago that alien invasion happens in 1954 happened 64 years ago. Hey that's a full staff of something in Minecraft

    • Audrey Sissom
      Audrey Sissom

      I calculated a lot I should study in math lots of number equal lots of math

  • Chris Hasen Is concerned
    Chris Hasen Is concerned

    That robot aged like fine wine

  • Kayla Allen
    Kayla Allen

    13:41 Really movie? Youre ripping off Cars now?

  • Isabella

    Apparently Drew has never heard about an espresso lol

  • RubyZ Anne
    RubyZ Anne

    You can see his mask tan

  • Maxwell Roach
    Maxwell Roach

    That poster of the cars the the boys bedroom is from another movie they made

  • TMKT Hatr3d
    TMKT Hatr3d

    Amanda moves like Springtrap in the fnaf 3 title screen.

  • Demonetization symbol
    Demonetization symbol

    The vibrating hair makes me uncomfortable and grossed out, like I need to stop eating or I will throw up.

  • Annalee Mercado
    Annalee Mercado

    3:21 *haveing flashbacks of Covid 19*

  • verde musgo
    verde musgo

    I just found out that these movies are brazilian ones lmao I'm so disappointed

  • mantasour

    So the cast of sonic x did this movie?

  • ChipChomper


  • maz vaz
    maz vaz

    No one: Dannys Face: ↑

  • Raynee Bruggeman
    Raynee Bruggeman

    4:02 Gordon Ramsay- what the mother of all fucks is this?! Also Gordon Ramsay- GO BACK AND MAKE IT RIGHT THIS TIME!!! Robot- yes chef sorry chef

  • Spring X Blade
    Spring X Blade

    This is the most terrifying animated movie I've ever seen with my 2 eyes, talking about the way the character's hair move, how they move, they just float around without bobbing up and down, and the animation, I don't know. And the beginning of the movie, the breakfast part, cringed me all to h*ll. Thus the animation is lazy, slowing down at times, floating randomly, Z-fighting everywhere, linear animation, and scenes that looked like the animators made an artistic choice, but they did lazy bruh. And also the lip-syncing sometimes doesn't match up with what they're saying. And what the actual heck is breakfast with nuts, and country breakfast is just one egg lol. And breakfast delight, what the heck??

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