Commercials From My Nightmares (flashing lights 10:40-10:50)
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WARNING: Flashing lights from 10:40-10:50 sorry I forgot to include this in the actual video!!
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on LV-home, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Kym Griffith
    Kym Griffith

    the commercials looekd like animation

  • Youness Naji
    Youness Naji

    I love your vids keep up the work

  • Snipeking Pros
    Snipeking Pros

    Is it just me... Or did the arrow he shot at the wallet look like a rubber tipped one?

  • Villi skúli
    Villi skúli

    Ring Ding Dinga Ding I just Tac Subscribed am i the first TAC GREG ? :D

    • Villi skúli
      Villi skúli

      Subscribe alert :)))

  • Laura

    I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️

  • Alex Odell
    Alex Odell

    I’m high out of my mind right now and nut cracker Danny was too much to handle that was so scary but I love him

  • Ani Stevenson
    Ani Stevenson

    Being named Ani and seeing the one clip from the tac-bat commercial was a weird experience. It felt like he was being sarcastic and yelling at me because I messed up...

  • EeveeDee

    I love the fact that the “Tac Hamster” is actually a guinea pig

  • Redwood Military Operations
    Redwood Military Operations

    Me: Skips to 10:40 to 10:50

  • Carolina H
    Carolina H

    is his real name... Daniel?

  • Carolina H
    Carolina H


  • Sophia Torres
    Sophia Torres


  • UT

    Hey can you like this comment and get it to the top of the comments section for absolutely 0 reason that would be funny I think

  • Luiza Pereira
    Luiza Pereira

    this just turned into a horror movie so suddenly

  • Harsh Sawant
    Harsh Sawant

    Best pinned comment ever

  • Jaleya Villa
    Jaleya Villa

    😐here’s 😐something 😐I 😐really 😐love😐

  • among us
    among us

    my grandparents bought me a tactical bat/flashlight and now I want to cry.

  • Tierney Shipley
    Tierney Shipley

    Nick Bolton gives me Mac from Always Sunny vibes

  • TheAsianBloxxer

    Bro, I like how they ignore the fact he’s most likely in a camp cause it was night lol Edit: in the middle of war

  • Idiøt :/
    Idiøt :/

    Notifications on, I am truly da Greg :)))

  • Sohry

    Yo that navy guy is actually in the navy and got kicked out search “navi guys” on LV-home and look at the first video

  • carsonisoffline :P
    carsonisoffline :P

    8:16 why does that actually sound really good

  • Lily Greenberg
    Lily Greenberg

    Dora where are you you never miss class are you ok

  • Jagaloo

    I Turned On notifications am I greg now?

  • Alex L
    Alex L

    pov u went to 10:40

  • Siva Gurram
    Siva Gurram

    wait I just looked up "the fastest growing army on internet" and guys I think danny lied to us :(

  • Sandakin Skywalker
    Sandakin Skywalker

    Nick Bolton is what I would call *military tough* unlike those NaVy GuYs ugh

  • Random Gta Stuff
    Random Gta Stuff

    My confidence is what you call "military tough" oh wait, nevermind 😔

  • Lunar Wolf110
    Lunar Wolf110

    I accidentally called you Danny Devito earlier lmao I’m way too tired for this.... but I turned in notifications!

  • John Jaime
    John Jaime

    You should do skits on tik tok like how you did on vine, i miss those

  • Stablekat

    the nutcracker scene actually seems like a good plot for a horror movie...

  • BEAN

    Of course they're from Alabama Of course

  • Baelishloves Sunflowers
    Baelishloves Sunflowers

    DANNY! search the youtube channel has the most subs and look at third place-

  • Larissa

    New sub. Omg I watched so many of your videos all last night was laughing so f***king hard. ❤️ Would love to see u do a video on all these randauntica videos and dark web boxes

  • Ruby Lillian Potter
    Ruby Lillian Potter

    I don't have an issue with it but can we just appreciate that Danny put the timestamps in the title for flashing lights? King

  • French toast !
    French toast !

    (Rim of the world is a movie)

  • French toast !
    French toast !

    Dude! do a review on Rim of the world! It's so bad lol! pls, do!

  • LassotheRope

    I want a Tac- Hamster 😩 (My brithday’s next week, wink wink nudge nudge)

  • anxious analyst
    anxious analyst

    I like your sweater Danny

  • Emma Fahnestock
    Emma Fahnestock

    Ok but can we just appreciate how danny put a flash warning. Like thank you so so much

  • Senfree Senaquious
    Senfree Senaquious

    I haven't watched your videos in a while. I forgot how much you make me laugh. xD

  • Psalmbelle Brozo
    Psalmbelle Brozo

    Hello danny? Just wanna tell you troy becker(paul simmer) is in dhar mann's new video with sssniperwolf lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Caleb Wenz
    Caleb Wenz

    Both my mom and dad were in the Navy for ten and twenty years respectively. And I can definitively say the Navy stereotype is true. In fact, they actually had to be in a fish tank in my house to survive. Made moving very difficult.

  • Asui Tsuyu
    Asui Tsuyu

    Danny you should react to Varli’s daughter new song on TikTok..

  • Darn

    When Navy Guys sing it heals your bones

  • Celestia Ludenburg
    Celestia Ludenburg

    I remember that tacvisor comercial on my tv while watching cartoons

  • noodle

    thank u for the flash warning bae

  • Obito was a Simp till death
    Obito was a Simp till death

    I turned on notifications I AM GREG

  • Elvis

    On the Tac-Wallet you can see it says 1968- THAT MEANS NICK BOLTON IS 51.

  • Conall McAuley
    Conall McAuley

    I turned on notifications and I'm subscribed, am I GREG now?

  • Kacey B
    Kacey B

    You should do a review of the goat story

  • Trilochan velmurugan
    Trilochan velmurugan

    Hey greg

  • 9109 Antriksha Jain
    9109 Antriksha Jain

    I would say Greg is a family but how can half of the family have a crush on our papa (Danny) or we can just say we are from Alabama👍🏼

  • Player

    Ngl. Tac visor seems pretty useful to giant lanky fucks like me. If im driving in the sun i gotta turn into a pretzel to see under those normal visors

  • Alex Votaw
    Alex Votaw

    military girls make do

  • twentyonetylers

    Like I’m not even trying to be cutesy or funny but nutcracker ned unsettles the fuck out of me. I had to pause it and sit in silence for a minute..idk if it makes me imagine all the inanimate objects in my house actually being alive??

  • Demonic Angel
    Demonic Angel

    Hey did y'all see the tac pen

  • Starxy


  • Tamar Koren
    Tamar Koren


  • Spleece

    *”I’M A REAL BOYYYYYYYY!!!”* lmao I started dying 💀

  • Mr. Pyromain
    Mr. Pyromain

    You should review VAT19 items they show in their videos.

  • ƤhrӨg Ǥαcђα
    ƤhrӨg Ǥαcђα

    can you react to the live action Peter Pan? It’s a really weird movie-

  • Brayden Playz
    Brayden Playz

    And lol what a plot twist ending tho

  • Brayden Playz
    Brayden Playz

    What was it like being in the show camp unplugged with drew, kenny, koddy, and many other people

  • Josie Herring
    Josie Herring

    ( 9:40 ) POV: You have 2 bad guys commin' at u. Step 1: *b l i n d* e m'. Step 2: Then u give em' a little *stap starb.* Step 3: Then you give them a liwwetle *bagn bannge.* Step 4: Then you give'm a lwittle *sMAc SmAc.*

  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith

    Bruh I may be a bit tipsy rn but the nutcracker bit was ahmazin

  • hfhdhfhd dhdhdh
    hfhdhfhd dhdhdh


  • Liam S
    Liam S

    I watched this in 0.25 speed and I don’t think the arrow had a tip...

  • gamer

    I subscribed and turned on notifications

  • PeachFrost

    Ok but that nutcracker thing was the creepiest bit you’ve ever done.

  • Crusty Poo
    Crusty Poo

    danny is the only reason i still have youtube download

  • Boss Invader
    Boss Invader

    Thumb TacTickle - You'll giggle and bleed while hanging up your posters with tactical precision!

  • Caden1546

    So um i saw a movie on netflix and im pretty sure there was an actor in that movie/series that was the mom from tiktok you talked about a long time ago

  • Julia Gaming
    Julia Gaming


  • Bip

    My favourite thing about the taclite is that it's just a terrible MagLite, an already world famous product.

    • Bip

      The bow and fire claims are just bullshit. You can even see the wallet melting because of the synthetic fibres.

    • Bip

      LOL THE WALLET IS JUST MADE OF RIPSTOP. That is not at all what firefighters use, and it at most would be what a plate carrier is made of, not the armour itself.

  • Julia Gaming
    Julia Gaming

    Who else is watching him play Minecraft on Twitch rn?

  • River Water
    River Water

    you should review the disney channel movie “shook” it’s a whole train wreck about a dancing app that’s not-so-subtly based off of tiktok

  • Zippy

    Guy: "I noticed your military attire, how long have you served?" Nick: "About 3 commercials."

  • Paul Gonzales
    Paul Gonzales

    I'm not greg

  • Matthew Zendejas
    Matthew Zendejas

    tac tic taks

  • Matthew Oh
    Matthew Oh

    i just realized Greg is just Great or amazing but shorter

  • vivedvicky

    Danny and Greg are we just going to ignore these projects makeover commercials on LV-home. No just me 😂

  • kawaiiwonka

    my dad was in the Navy and he can’t swim in anything deeper than 6 feet and he hates water so uh yeah 😃👍

  • What in F
    What in F

    My dad was in the navy so I am here to confirm, I am half mermaid.

  • Michael Catford
    Michael Catford


  • My name Isn’t Tom
    My name Isn’t Tom

    i own the tac lantern

  • Cammie S
    Cammie S

    2:34 the ultimate test to see if it’s actually tactical is to see if it would fit in a girl’s pants pocket

  • Aural Beets
    Aural Beets

    Love the Freakin’ Reviews channel cameo!

  • The Giddy Kitty
    The Giddy Kitty

    I’ve subscribed to both channels and am now truly Greg. Love your videos keep up the good work :)

  • Drizzle Cake
    Drizzle Cake

    This whole video is full of adds. Even after the reaction lmao

  • CoraKolourAC

    "Tactical Daniela"

  • Choco Cheree
    Choco Cheree

    It feels like the people who make tac products think that every robber is like a five nights at Freddy’s character and will just immediately run away/disappear whenever you flash a light at them

  • Stella Gonzalez
    Stella Gonzalez

    IM A REAL BOY !!! lol

  • brodykag 101
    brodykag 101

    I subbed and liked am I Greg or are you greg?

  • Savannah Fletcher
    Savannah Fletcher

    did you know if you search up "strongest army on LV-home" Greg army pops up and I am proud to say that Danny made it up there with the big youtubers

  • Joen

    Danny... I’ve been wanting to tell u this for a while... pewdiepie said that he liked viners like u

  • Space comedy
    Space comedy

    C l a s s i c n a v y g u y s

  • cheshireCqt

    Idk why but Danny looks really good here

  • That Sky Fan
    That Sky Fan

    If that's Nick's ID he comes from Alabama? This makes me more shame of my state than I already have been

  • internet time
    internet time


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