Why Did KFC Make A Romance Movie
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on LV-home, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Frankie C
    Frankie C

    Mario WHYYY?!

  • Z

    Is Mario Lopez going broke? Otherwise why would he accept this part makes no sense to me

  • BLU

    Your a good and funny LV-homer, and you make me smile and I always enjoy your content.

  • Ashlyn Stanley
    Ashlyn Stanley

    that aint colonel thats kernel

  • Rosemary Kaye
    Rosemary Kaye

    I think grabbing the bicep is just a way to grab someone that isn't easy to get out of. It's a trope there.

  • Lathan Fitzpatrick
    Lathan Fitzpatrick

    Kfc why did you make a romance movie? Attention

  • Woodstock's Thomas
    Woodstock's Thomas

    So why didn’t Billy marry the mom in the first place? They’re both unmarried and obviously likes each other, so why don’t they?

  • Megan Brown
    Megan Brown

    When they kiss and Danny’s face lol

  • Carrie Cross
    Carrie Cross

    its funny cause i had KFC today

  • MacKenzie Harwood
    MacKenzie Harwood

    Literally when I was watching the video it’s skip to a KFC commercial

  • Joel Bäck
    Joel Bäck

    I Want Fast Food Cinematic Universe Where Where Joaquin Phoenix Plays Ronald McDonald

  • Strawberri Gacha!
    Strawberri Gacha!

    I got a KFC ad for this. Amazing. LV-home algorithm can really tell the future.

  • Chelsie Warner
    Chelsie Warner

    Greg/10 is equal to infinity/10

  • Siffix

    Took a real 180 at 7:55

  • Moon Child ఌ
    Moon Child ఌ

    girl: gets eaten out by colonel sanders colonel sanders: it’s finger lickin’ good

  • ellie


  • Lucy Marshall
    Lucy Marshall

    any one like the end of the vid music so they keep watching it?

  • Hal

    They should have used Touch of Gray.

  • Hal

    I’ll take Sexy Sanders any day of the year.

  • Itz_ BlueSeas
    Itz_ BlueSeas

    Film theory

  • Kenzie Bender
    Kenzie Bender

    As a former waitress, I can attest that it’s not just possessive boyfriends who grab women by the bicep. It’s also random men, especially older men 🙄 Doesn’t usually make a comical squish sound though.

  • Sarah Osborne
    Sarah Osborne

    Secrets out chicken man

  • Teague Anderson
    Teague Anderson

    Over 24,000. That's how many KFC's there are. You're welcome for this useless information.

  • David Berkowitz
    David Berkowitz

    2:14 I hope he’s not related to Uno Sarcagian Garibaldian

  • Preston Lee
    Preston Lee

    I saw a kfc add watching this video

  • stormii night
    stormii night

    I feel like we've all asked this classic question at some point in our lives. "Why did KFC make a movie?"

  • Cmndr_Rex

    7:04 Grabs his TRICEP

  • Aliradha Alsaidy
    Aliradha Alsaidy

    Because they’re KFC

  • Mads

    That “crouton” seen that’s-well just freaking Oscar winning Oscar

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    A: was this supposed to take place in Kentucky (If so looks nothing like it, i should know i live there) B: why doesn't take place in the 30s

  • Marley Ota
    Marley Ota

    harland sanders comes out of her mothers woom and she names him colonel

  • Galaxy Puppy
    Galaxy Puppy

    The fact I got an ad for kfc 😭😭😭

  • nardnesk

    5:17 Put it on 0.25x i dare u

  • illuxks

    i fell asleep while watching this last night and i checked my watch history and most of your videos were there.

  • GabeMora5

    i was expecting a hello fresh ad read at 4:23

  • Dengi

    2:46 IIrc, if you kill yourself, you can pass down debt. I'm most likely wrong. I just remember hearing something like that.

  • Isabel Schulte
    Isabel Schulte

    I don’t know why I cannot stop laughing at Danny thinking “colonel” was his FIRST NAME

  • Leia bean
    Leia bean

    He gives me ted bundi

  • Marvelfilmfan 15
    Marvelfilmfan 15

    The romance music sounds like its Christmas music, is it a Christmas, KFC, romance movie? I also think its cringe

  • madisonzz

    1:32 hey this is every enemies to lovers trope in wattpad

  • I’m Lee
    I’m Lee

    Chik-fil-A yum!!

  • WolfRain

    Why not?

  • Jennifer Weirdo
    Jennifer Weirdo


  • Ashes x2
    Ashes x2

    Sanders deadass does not deserve this

  • Crappy Rat
    Crappy Rat

    Mhnm finger liking good

  • Your friendly neighbourhood possum
    Your friendly neighbourhood possum

    2:52 if you’re in debt then why do you live in a massive mansion and have a famous chef

  • Your friendly neighbourhood possum
    Your friendly neighbourhood possum

    The mom should’ve just married the boyfriend

  • Scarlett Bryer
    Scarlett Bryer

    Jessica: "Who are you" Cook: "Jessica" Jessica :"omg"

  • Ajla Omeragic
    Ajla Omeragic

    Why did KFC make a dating simulator? These are the questions that could never be answered.

    • Your friendly neighbourhood possum
      Your friendly neighbourhood possum

      The kernel is low-key cute in anime form tho 😳

  • La Cupcake
    La Cupcake

    Secrets out, c h i c k e n m a n

  • pham lieu
    pham lieu

    The nosy cardigan rapidly squeal because event unprecedentedly wonder out a dynamic neon. disagreeable, best driver


    Gear-a-deli not jear-a-deli 😤😤😤

  • Anarchy

    sorry but 'secret's out chicken man' killed me

  • Cat Girl
    Cat Girl

    other people: ugh, ads are so annoying greg @ every second of this video: this would be a great moment for a hello fresh ad

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    “Secrets out, chicken man” I’m gonna use that in the future

  • Ew Woerm
    Ew Woerm

    Billy looks old

    • Ew Woerm
      Ew Woerm

      Well so does crouton

  • Light X.A
    Light X.A

    Brings happiness and sadness hearing the “ This video is over now “ song

  • OilyEmuOnly 17
    OilyEmuOnly 17

    *THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT* ahhh 🦶💥🦹🏽

  • Invalid Character
    Invalid Character

    knife sharp? 🤔🤔🤔

  • kyotø

    Tf2 expiration date: *hold my bucket of chiken*

  • Martin Reph
    Martin Reph


  • RosieTM

    Now I want KFC

  • J. Bice
    J. Bice

    "Your father left us with nothing but a legacy of debt!" That's almost a word-for-word ripoff of a line from Titanic....

  • Magician Mango
    Magician Mango

    I am not named greg im MagicianMango get it right

  • Lydia Starinieri
    Lydia Starinieri

    There are 24,000 KFCs in 154 countries around the world. There are 3,980 in the US. Great Video!

  • Alice & My Crossing Life
    Alice & My Crossing Life

    As an Italian I’m ashamed that the used the name Garibaldi like that😂😓

  • Lum Lum Films
    Lum Lum Films

    You need to react to a movie called: Once Upon A Mattress, it scream "review me Danny!".

  • Dukhobrix A.K.A. B Bricks
    Dukhobrix A.K.A. B Bricks

    I wonder when McDonald’s is gonna make a 3 hour movie

  • ethoreus

    Why did Danny read it as CHJ when it’s literally written as CHS

  • respectthefish

    sexiest army on the interent bought me

  • PastTimes Count
    PastTimes Count

    0/10 wasn’t 2 hours long 😠

  • CallMeAnna

    I watched this movie on a call me kevin stream and it's ridiculous

  • Chris Lil
    Chris Lil

    I literally got an ad for KFC mobile lmao

  • Squickyu

    after the last scene i was hungry

  • Edward Jin
    Edward Jin

    wait i thought i already subbed to you how did i get unsubscribed

  • Owen Harder
    Owen Harder

    how are the mom and the rich big boyfriend not in jail for attempts at killing the one and only KFC guy ...person uhm one sec i need to check the video ..ok im to lazy you know what i ment

  • smushedgrape

    14:44 no i didn't make that into a meme who would

  • Ananya


  • Ania Farberg
    Ania Farberg

    five guys is sexier

  • IzRobynWolf

    Plot twist: Jessica only wanted Harlend's chicken

  • KB3L0BR

    G r e g

  • Keely Fitz
    Keely Fitz

    *B E A T I T C R O U T O N*

  • smyoip

    kfc is love kfc is life

  • Finger Plays
    Finger Plays

    Actually you can pass down debt dying to your kids if it’s in your will to give them everything

  • insomnia

    3:16 why they got his bow and vest lookin like sum a male stripper would rock??

  • Hi I’m Rawr
    Hi I’m Rawr

    the answer is because they wanted to... ...MAKE MORE MONEY

  • Samar Kalakech
    Samar Kalakech

    Le petit pompelmouse is the little grape fruit

  • gorilla has banana
    gorilla has banana


  • thicc dragon
    thicc dragon


  • DyingLight

    This movie basically has the same plot as Titanic

  • Malinda Fowler
    Malinda Fowler

    hey, is no one gonna mention that the billy is the guy from radio rebel, (Billy is radioo rebles step father)

  • Fall

    fun fact: colonel sanders once was involved in a shoot out with a competing restaurant owner and ended up shooting him with a shotgun. (nobody died)

  • Styrlin Rowland
    Styrlin Rowland


  • Attega O'Neill
    Attega O'Neill

    beat it, crouton.

  • Danana Banana
    Danana Banana

    12:32: HAVE SOME CENTS MAN get it? like cents sounds like sense and like cents is money and billy's spending alot of money? get it?

  • evesaturna

    I'd just like to remark that "Le Petit Pamplemousse" translates to "The Little Grapefruit".

  • Ava Rogers
    Ava Rogers

    Wth I got a KFC ad right after this video

  • Jacob Epic
    Jacob Epic

    anyone notices him saying wabbit no rabbit at 9:58

  • RIVERSIDE Productions RSP
    RIVERSIDE Productions RSP

    " KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN " , nah!! It's more like " *KENTUCKYS FINE COLONEL* " 😰😩🥰 'cause *GOTDAMNNNNNNN SON!!!!!* 😰😍

  • Claire

    do *not* call me crouton

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