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  • Kajal Vinit
    Kajal Vinit

    My bones have gotten sqwishy joke has a come LONGGGGG way

  • songs by Correy
    songs by Correy

    Dude I love whenever he makes a reference to the movie Scales, aka the one quote "My bones are getting sQuIsHy" honestly he should make merch with that line.

  • Mathias Von Wulf
    Mathias Von Wulf

    Lemonade Mouth sounds like a weird porn video from the 90's.

  • Blossom

    Rival bands music ain't that bad ngl😀👌🏾

  • Blossom

    Lemonade mouth was my childhood okay😭😭

  • Myr Rosen
    Myr Rosen

    The womanly feather oppositely fix because caravan immuhistochemically grease versus a jobless tom-tom. square, accessible siberian

  • jade parenteau
    jade parenteau

    12:51 did anyone else notice the guy like jamming out dancing like super hard.

  • Ellie B
    Ellie B

    what’s fuckin ed sheeran doing in this movie

  • TerraDragon

    I've watched this video like 10 times and I think I'm starting to like the movie...

  • Elias Mortimer
    Elias Mortimer

    This is really fucking random but, what is the background music he used for his sponsor at the end. Ive been searching for ages and i NEEED IT!

  • Just watch it.
    Just watch it.

    im crying

  • Ej Rosenberg
    Ej Rosenberg

    stella made me gay and now shes fucking hailey kiyoko like

  • Vanswock

    So basically the girl is the origin of karen

  • grace


  • NarrowPhenom

    Danny, I saw this with complete sincerity -- this video is a classic. I don't even know why, but I've probably sat down and watched this entire video like 8+ times. I just keep coming back to it. What you made here is LV-home gold. Keep up the good work.

  • Lena

    12:00 Bass players quit the chat

  • Saturn Smiles
    Saturn Smiles

    can I just say that when I was like, eight and watching this movie Moe was my lesbian awakening.

  • Savagegurl

    does danny have a girl/boy friend cause he seems like would have one and if he didnt ima be surprised

    • Anna Gundestrup
      Anna Gundestrup

      He has a wife.

  • Wildcard 1015
    Wildcard 1015

    Is no one going to point out that Danny can’t whistle?

  • Marina

    Amazing Ratatoing shirt 😫

  • Noah


  • wismard


  • Grace

    Do witches of waverly place

  • Mantha Mae
    Mantha Mae

    The rival band sounds like they're covering a Cardi B song

  • Dirty Sewer R4t
    Dirty Sewer R4t

    The ginger kid is a criminal in real life who broke into people’s houses 😍😍😍😍

  • Eden Moore
    Eden Moore

    it’s like a cheesier version of the breakfast club if they kept hanging out and formed a band

  • KionDarkat

    it's a guitar... you lost me there

  • Ashley George
    Ashley George

    I love how whenever the vid talks about a weird kids movies, LV-home always recommends another weird kids show. Like, for example, for this vid, it recommended this one kids nickelodeon movie called, "Degrassi". (and, um, does anyone here know what that is, because I know I've never heard it...)

  • Dominic Reese
    Dominic Reese


  • Guindo, The
    Guindo, The

    13:43 this poor cat :( they really do start looking like that when they get really old, it's because they stop being able to groom themselves regularly. my grandma's had several cats hit 18+ years old and they all start looking like this eventually. so it's normal but still makes me sad to see it :( :(

  • Rachel Moore
    Rachel Moore

    These Disney movies seem to me like they're being cranked out by an algorithm on a computer in the Disney Studios basement.

  • Rachel Moore
    Rachel Moore

    Did anyone else notice that when the kids in the band drank this lemonade they all supposedly love they make a face like they're drinking moldy piss or something? How can you be outraged over the removal of a lemonade machine when literally not a single one of you can drink it without grimacing and looking like you're gagging it down? Makes no sense, like every single other aspect of Disney movies these days. Who writes this crap?

  • Quirky Beads
    Quirky Beads

    Lol I like how he was pronouncing wen as Gwen lol and this movie is everything best Disney movie desire hsm lol

  • Caden Miller
    Caden Miller

    Does anybody else feel like danny could have been a disney star in different dimension

  • Hannah Cramer
    Hannah Cramer

    I’m classically trained

  • Ginas Sutkus
    Ginas Sutkus

    I will now proceed to get express vpn

  • TheShibe

    Ratatoing t shirt lmao

  • Jesse Streeter
    Jesse Streeter

    Hey it wouldn't bother me if a guy whistled at me. As long as he didn't touch it wouldn't bother me. Because sometimes you need a confidence boost.

  • Tyrell Anderson
    Tyrell Anderson

    Every time he calls the bass an electric guitar it hurts me

  • Penguin Man
    Penguin Man

    the ratationg shirt😂

  • Kawaii Midari
    Kawaii Midari


  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Wait google says it has 13 season s but on LV-home it says get season 14 here? I think youtube has been drinking again cuz he’s lookin pretty drunk

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Is this show called degrassi?

  • Ray Clarke
    Ray Clarke

    Danny is a little high

  • Zion Frost
    Zion Frost

    *Stands up on the bleachers “you know what I’m just gonna say it I DON’T CARE THAT YOU BROKE YOUR ELBOW”

  • Isaac Ross
    Isaac Ross

    “Fuck those guys hit them with cops!!!” Is my new spirit animal

  • izzy chan Nyan Cat
    izzy chan Nyan Cat

    The "my shirt my decision" reminds me of a recent event. I'm in 6th grade and in band a teacher told a boy to not wear his "virginity rocks" hoodie because it's literally 6th grade


    That first music scene is like the one from Tarzan. Ya know where they used objects to make music.

  • M.R.C

    I was laughed so hard I choked on my m&ms

  • Captain Alvarez
    Captain Alvarez

    I’m lemonade mouth

  • ThatCoolModderGuy

    10 floors down and you reached the earths core

  • •Lemon Head•
    •Lemon Head•

    “Ever since my mom died he’s been making some really bad decisions” “Bad decisions?” “He bit straight into an oreo” “....”

  • Paper cat
    Paper cat

    Plot twist: her dad is in jail cause he killed his wife and that’s what she meant by “since my mom died my dad made some really bad decisions.”

  • Ayesha :D
    Ayesha :D

    Remember when he was talking about Wen's mum he kept saying "Gwen" 😭😭

  • tryzsta

    My favourite parts: 3:57 4:50 5:33 7:28 9:01 17:30

  • Kiyotaka Ishimaru
    Kiyotaka Ishimaru


  • Holly Anne
    Holly Anne

    no lie i typed in “drew golden lemonade mouth” because i seriously remembered Drew making this. well done guys, you’ve actually become the same person👍

  • Ajdiaz 1085
    Ajdiaz 1085

    If you have detention just sleep lol

  • Laon

    A thing I like about that rising star thing is how rival band guy just comes out playing their song he never practiced. I like to think the magic of lemonade mouth is just bestowing mad improv skills onto people.

  • Andrea Sikes
    Andrea Sikes

    how dare he speak about everyone except mo her arc was so important

  • Sisu Lee
    Sisu Lee

    12:01 "a guitar"

  • Fart Fart
    Fart Fart

    They tried to kill those two guys and they got let off with a warning.

  • lil_Derpy_Alpha


  • Kayla Morrison
    Kayla Morrison

    17:30 😂😂😂

  • Naurita Zaman
    Naurita Zaman

    The way she's eating pizza while they are being attacked

  • Astronomy Demon
    Astronomy Demon

    13:22 Mantreads

  • Wren

    "MY CAT DIIED" "Get a new one."

  • Olivia Zinck
    Olivia Zinck

    Is no one going to talk about the “leaf don’t look like hair” shirt? Iconic.

  • PumpkinGutz_

    Danny: **reviews lemonade mouth** LV-home: *D e g r a s s i*

  • Azul :l
    Azul :l

    this is still the best disney movie and u can’t change my mind

  • Portato Onion
    Portato Onion

    Mel lemonade: Must eat lemons

  • Kunisake

    I thought this movie was cool back in the day That day is dead

  • car


  • car

    2:03 am I the only one dying bc of he reaction lmao

  • Minus

    DANNY: That's an electric guitar. ME: What a... *baseless* accusation. YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

  • Hans Kranz
    Hans Kranz

    Haahahah the song hahah 9:00

  • The more you mow the more you know
    The more you mow the more you know

    Don’t shit on lemonade mouth.......I loved that movie as a kid.

  • cO2 Coherent
    cO2 Coherent

    That twas a 🅱️ASS not an electric GUITAR

  • bw girls
    bw girls

    at 2:17 i thought my screen froze

  • john lacey
    john lacey

    The graceful decimal virtually wash because jeans electrophoretically dust above a deadpan thistle. angry, gullible gusty albatross

    • Mochi_King _07
      Mochi_King _07


  • Phillis Ann Saturn
    Phillis Ann Saturn

    I was obsessed with Lemonade Mouth and Radio Rebel when I was a kid and I'm not sure if it's because I actually liked the movies, or if it's because I had some kind of weird crush on Bridget Mindler and Debby Ryan.

  • Manic Mushroom
    Manic Mushroom

    This movie is my guilty favorite haha. I've seen it a few times and actually really liked it.

  • Ranboob Moments
    Ranboob Moments

    Video: Lemonade mouth LV-home: *Degrassi*

  • kenma kozume
    kenma kozume

    id whistle for you danny......👁👄👁

  • Shmoogle Bo Boogle
    Shmoogle Bo Boogle

    “No ones ever whistled at me like that ever” It’s because you have a wife Danny.

  • máířü yamato
    máířü yamato

    Let me go

  • jimmy jarian
    jimmy jarian

    "Is there just like shit water in this room?" well yah what do you think the school uses to make the lemonade? The school has had way to many budget cuts to use clean water

  • {Froggy }
    {Froggy }

    Before the video started I got an ad about lemons. My life is amazing now I love lemons

  • Bella Clementz
    Bella Clementz

    Lemonade Mouth is a lot funnier if you imagine them as the beatles

  • LEGO Chad
    LEGO Chad


  • Doge Gang
    Doge Gang

    I remember watching this

    • LEGO Chad
      LEGO Chad


  • Doge Gang
    Doge Gang

    MA .

  • Chance Keefe
    Chance Keefe

    When they attacked the guys who were gonna remove the lemonade machine all I thought was COD Zombies

  • Arcane_ Editor
    Arcane_ Editor

    Did anybody notice that when they were throwing cups at them one of them was really eating a pizza , like-

  • Gods Puppet Cafe
    Gods Puppet Cafe

    20:38 no context needed

  • LaceyCasey

    I heard that if you say a youtubers name 3 times you get pinned Danny Gonzalez Danny Gonzalez Danny Gonzalez

  • Alyissa Rakay
    Alyissa Rakay

    Omg it's a so cringy Disney Movie

  • RB Louise
    RB Louise

    I can't believe there was no mention of Lesbian Jesus. She's amazing

  • Mia Pretorius
    Mia Pretorius

    I can see why you have over 4.20 million subscribers

  • Ashley G
    Ashley G

    Anyone else getting strong Breakfast Club in that beginning scene?

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