UPDATE CORNER: Paul Speaks Out
We're in the update corner talkin' about Paul. Or should I say... TROY.
I don't know. I honestly don't know anymore.
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  • ShortDubstep HD
    ShortDubstep HD

    You started covid Danny

  • Ishanaa Sundarrajan
    Ishanaa Sundarrajan

    12:43 He probably threatened the piolet that he'd eat his plane... :(

  • Dominic PAOLILLO
    Dominic PAOLILLO

    6 years now

  • Mew Out
    Mew Out

    This dude looks like a skinny lego Han Solo

  • Michelle Roberts
    Michelle Roberts


  • TheeQuinn M
    TheeQuinn M

    His tiktoks are so bad I wanna cry

  • Amalia Dibbert
    Amalia Dibbert

    Someone get this man knee pads

  • Patrick

    The sunglasses "joke" was actually kind of accurate tho, only a psycho touches his glasses with his finger like that (staining te glass)

  • Patrick

    HE is reminding me of Luka Magnotta the psycho killer, like a looot.

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    I cant find the video he mentions at the end can someone post a link plls

  • Monika Iruka
    Monika Iruka

    He do be wearing that yellow shirt today 😆

  • Lilly Anderson
    Lilly Anderson

    So we're supposed to believe that this guy is 16... so we're also supposed to believe that this (8:38) is a 10-year-old??

  • Max Berry
    Max Berry

    I love this channel so much and this guy has done some really dumb stuff and is in the wrong, but it’s time to move on from this guy and let him live his life, imagine If millions of people hated you, imagine how you guys would feel

  • dolliyaah

    yeah danny hahaha.. the flu.. after... vacation....

  • Irish Chile
    Irish Chile

    Love how when Danny was telling the title he said: welcome to the update corner, but the video said: I wear her yellow shirt today

  • Jordan Luong
    Jordan Luong


  • Sofia Pastor
    Sofia Pastor

    13:25 basically the psycho one they were touching the lens which leaves streaks....I mean that’s what I think... cringed a little 😂

  • Aiden Nouzovsky
    Aiden Nouzovsky

    He’s a dude pretending to be a dude, who claims he was pretending to be the 1st dude and that he was the 2nd dude all along.

  • L_Fire

    13:42 Plot twist : They weren't screaming because of games, Troy just ignored someone screaming for help-

  • Steve Wrkmn
    Steve Wrkmn

    The joke with the glasses was that he touched the lense to adjust them; thus leaving grubby finger prints. Which is actually pretty psychotic.

  • Daniel Ding
    Daniel Ding

    A whole episode in the update corner Danny: My knees are dying on the inside

  • Jack Dow
    Jack Dow

    So if he’s saying he’s 16 still then them LV-home videos from 5 years ago he was 11? Didn’t look like it

  • Ana Herzberg
    Ana Herzberg

    Oh no not the airplane how evil

  • Daisy Paws
    Daisy Paws

    Troy lurks in the Bermuda Triangle. he seals the fate of planes who dare fly over him.

    • Daisy Paws
      Daisy Paws


  • Arcadia

    he gives me luka magnotta vibes...

  • Zappy The Dog
    Zappy The Dog

    8:51, I mean it took white diamond over 1 million years to realize that lol

  • akanksha guha
    akanksha guha

    Danny quoting Hannah Montana ❤️

  • Savannah Hudson
    Savannah Hudson

    I dont mean to normalize this but I think he meant adorable when he called the 8 year old cute, not in a weird way.

  • Ekiez

    Lol my teacher sings that song when she makes a mistake then the class joins in 😂 Edit: now I’m imagining Danny joining in in the back! 🤩

  • Alicia Mankowski
    Alicia Mankowski

    he's wearing a yellow shirt today

  • Wesley Sutherland
    Wesley Sutherland

    Just found out that Paul plays the high school bully in a lot of dhar mann videos now

  • A pp
    A pp

    Oh I got the psychopath with sunglasses joke now

  • Anahbeth Leiter
    Anahbeth Leiter

    Y'all this Paul guy is now an actor for dhar man 👀😆

  • Benigma

    What does he mean perfection doesn’t exist? Have you seen Dolphin Man?

  • Salvatore Sultana
    Salvatore Sultana

    Just got note that Paul Zimmer eats planes? He must be spending all his time at the gym to burn off those calories.

  • Pratham Singh
    Pratham Singh

    whats with the line on his chin

  • Pratham Singh
    Pratham Singh

    whats with the line on his chin

  • Ashley Roten
    Ashley Roten

    Lol omg I just realized if he was really 16 now, in his musically’s in 2016 he would have been 11!!

  • Mason Bicchieri
    Mason Bicchieri

    12:33 free vbucks

  • soggy toe
    soggy toe

    YALLLLLLL I FOUND SOMETHING!!!!!! He actually got an “acting” job like I was watching a darman (Ik but I was very bored and the video or fun to watch) but he was like a bully in the video idk if he’s in anymore because I got bored of watching them sooooooooo yeahhhhh

  • Kasia

    eating airplanes is not a rumour ive seen him once doing it in dark web ofc he post videos of it

  • Daniel Singz
    Daniel Singz

    “Paul Zimmer is a Russian spy” I was drinking root beer why did you make me spit it out of my nose

  • Erin

    I like how youtube commentary video creators all have a nemesis. Like how danny has Paul Zimmer, Kurtis has Sebastian Balls and Drew has Rick Lax.

  • Pas

    "Slim Jimmer"

  • Just A Kiwi
    Just A Kiwi

    Troy Becker Troy Baker Paul Zimmer is Troy Baker

  • MahoganyGamer

    Guys, you're missing the big picture The real question is... Which kind of plane tastes best?

    • Sofia YT
      Sofia YT


  • Lorna Soto
    Lorna Soto

    Danny had covid at this time, conspiracy

    • jamaicanpotatoes


  • Not cømet
    Not cømet

    Oh evErYoNe MakEs MiStAkEs bUt WhEn I do it it’s called KiDnApPinG

    • vin

      ...how do you..... accidentally kidnap a kid......

  • Maeve

    Paul: perfection doesn't exist Me: excuse me good sir have you seen harry styles

  • Rosemarie Keeton
    Rosemarie Keeton

    He's only eating the planes bc his mother confused him as a child. We have all been gaslighted about eating airplanes. Why did parents do this to us?

  • Hannah Norris-Parsons
    Hannah Norris-Parsons

    Plane eater plane eater plane eater

  • EmeraldAnnabelle

    Ok but he’s still doing it

  • Avacado?? Mango? Banana???
    Avacado?? Mango? Banana???

    this is a fucking rollercoaster start to finish

  • Dresha802

    The fifth one is a psychopath because HE ADJUSTED HIS GLASSES BY THE LENSE WHO DOES THAT ITS THE WORST

  • Connie Flynn
    Connie Flynn

    ――――∩ || ∧ ヘ  || ||(* ´ ー`) __ || i can't I'm sleeping |ノ^⌒⌒づ` ̄\ ( ノ  ⌒ ヽ \ \  || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||   \,ノ|| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||

  • пажилой бан
    пажилой бан


  • Broodlendoodlen

    Paul zimmer is Michel Lotito 4:25

  • SmoozyRock

    I know this is a bit outdated but still i just had the thought that troy becker who's "16" claims he made the character paul zimmer up but there are videos of paul from 2014 meaning when troy created paul zimmer he should have been 10 but paul doesn't look like a ten year old in those videos Unless he's a russian spy who eats planes which causes him to look much older

    • vin

      I heard that eating planes makes you look 10 years older!

  • DanFire Flare
    DanFire Flare

    Hey @Danny Gonzalez , I found out Paul Becker Is starring in a small film, so technically he’s now doing acting, it’s not too good so I was wondering if you were interested in checking it out, tbh I doubt you would read this but It’s a weird watch that I should share

    • Ally Rose
      Ally Rose

      Omg yes he should do a vid on that if possible

  • Riggidy_ neale19
    Riggidy_ neale19

    Bruh now he’s in Dhar Mann videos lol

  • James_Playz

    watch fgteev danny its cringe

  • ⟭⟬ sᴇᴏᴋᴊɪɴɴɪᴇ シ
    ⟭⟬ sᴇᴏᴋᴊɪɴɴɪᴇ シ

    Did i see Troy Becker in a Dhar Mann vid or am i tripping 🧐👀

    • Unfrosted Poptarts!
      Unfrosted Poptarts!

      That's what I thought

  • Meredith S.
    Meredith S.


    • Meredith S.
      Meredith S.

      @MrQuinnzard X sorry i just thought it'd be funny cause of "troy becker"

    • MrQuinnzard X
      MrQuinnzard X

      geez you don't need to get so hyped up, especially over something with sssniperwolf

  • Cooper Bailey
    Cooper Bailey

    bro paul is as annoying as jake paul

  • mara w
    mara w

    hasn’t anyone heard of ExclamationPointYT?? Paul’s been around for a WHILE. like, years.

  • Christine Fink
    Christine Fink

    Came back to this video and just realized that he learned 7:52 from HanNAH MONTANA LOL

  • samoki majglavom
    samoki majglavom

    Do you remember that clip of Connor McGregor: "I would like to take this opportunity to apologize... *takes the second belt*... to absolutely nobody! The double Champ does whatever the fuck he wants!" Well, I think this may be it

  • AnimeGodOli

    he was saying people that get fingerprints on the lens are phycopaths my man you need to OBSERVE

  • Diggz 7
    Diggz 7

    alright the gamer tik tok is true it happened with my brother and my bfs brother when were on the phone

  • Fizo

    “Paul Zimmer eats planes” lol 😂

  • Joshua Abramov
    Joshua Abramov

    Plot Twist: Paul *is* Russia and all the citizens are spies for him

  • Elle Lonergan
    Elle Lonergan

    Troy: perfection doest exist me looking at danny, drew, and kurtis: now thats where your wrong.

  • RazarChill

    wore a yellow shirt today

  • D V
    D V

    “How would you like your F/A 18 super hornet?” Meh im in the mood for apache helicopters

  • Śòñ with ßéàñś
    Śòñ with ßéàñś

    Danny: new content cop

  • Faith Church
    Faith Church

    i think the “joke” in the sunglasses tiktok is that the psychopath is putting his finger on the lens to push them up leaving a fingerprint

  • Lia Hamilton
    Lia Hamilton

    This has to be *EXHAUSTING* pretending to be a whole other person. Like changing your name to keep up with this crazy elaborate lie. I don’t know if his explanation was just another part of the lie or what it was it makes _no_ sense. Is he still pretending to be 16? I’m so fucking confused

  • Pierce Schofield Oldham
    Pierce Schofield Oldham

    The one about thr brother being a gamer made me laugh. Probably because i have a little brother that screams at fortnite all day.

  • Grant Slater
    Grant Slater

    * inhales * *o k*

  • MegansFantasticWorld

    A question: How come a 20 something year old man come across as a 16 year old child.. I DON'T GET IT!

    • Icecreammac1

      I ask the same thing whenever I see a show or movie about high school students played by adults.

  • Da_Galaxy Gamer
    Da_Galaxy Gamer

    7:53 Ayeeee looks like Danny watched Hannah Montana when he was younger

  • Ilana Scher
    Ilana Scher

    “...unless you do something crazy like kill someone...” *one fake month later* “well guys, troy killed someone”

  • Taz

    So what is his name 😂😂😂

  • Angelic_Pres

    No, Danny has been hiding something from us.. He is the Slim Jimmer :0

  • LazyBunnyLyn

    Since he has a kid...imagine the kid finding this out 15 years later

    • LazyBunnyLyn

      @miss toiler well i believe, yes

    • miss toiler
      miss toiler

      Traul Zecker has a KID?!?!

  • Insane awesome Stuff
    Insane awesome Stuff

    You know it’s a good video when it opens with a bone crunch

  • Rat Dragon
    Rat Dragon

    Wai wai wai...did anyone actually listen to the "speech" at the end? He said to take the proper precautions for COVID-19! Even if it's not to keep you safe, do it to keep others safe! Especially immunocompromised (like me)! I didn't think anyone else knew what that word meant, honestly! Man, now I appreciate Dan Dan the Mermaid Man now more than ever! :D


    I see you wore a yellow shirt the day you filmed this

  • Baylee Bee
    Baylee Bee

    7:52 that's from Hannah montana isn't it?? The song nobody's perfect?

    • Da_Galaxy Gamer
      Da_Galaxy Gamer

      I think so.. Ahhh nostalgia, isn’t it nice?

  • hayden Brown
    hayden Brown


  • XJulyBabyX


  • Abcdif


  • cpk17

    If Paul Zimmer was a character that Troy made up all the way back in 2014 and Troy is 16, wouldn't he have been like 11 or 12 when that LV-home channel came out?

  • jay mama
    jay mama


  • MrHyperHB

    ok the gamer one was actually funny

  • Shivam Tiwari
    Shivam Tiwari

    Is there a line on Danny's chin?

  • Kobininja

    He woulda been something like 12 in his old musicly’s. He said Troy is 16 so bro woulda fr been 12 even though he looked 17.

  • M0nstroid

    If he’s Troy Becker then isn’t he technically 16 and pretended to be 24..

  • Flix Emerson
    Flix Emerson

    you have my shirt >:(

  • Kitty G
    Kitty G

    Nice shirt 👍

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