Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
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  • Isthereany 1219
    Isthereany 1219

    That Raccoon video, Literally reminded me of that movie from the 80’s Gremlins! Just me

  • Magazineto Raver
    Magazineto Raver

    It’s like the budget went to every other character but the main character

  • Ursa

    So I searched it up, and for anyone wondering, the film was originally Chinese. This version is a dub, which explains the uncanny mouth movements.

  • Classic Rock
    Classic Rock

    I think when that person said react to music they may have meant the ableist movie by Sia

  • Cory D
    Cory D

    OF COURSE the raccoon guy is Canadian. I shouldn't be surprised

  • sin

    . . | __

  • OilyEmuOnly 17
    OilyEmuOnly 17

    What animals have hands? Me: US DUH

  • Gabrieli Qarchava
    Gabrieli Qarchava

    Pls. React. Brittle. Bones. Nicky

  • Grease Man
    Grease Man

    The raccoon guy saying 'talk about being overwhelmed by raccoons' really got me

  • Leaping Coyote
    Leaping Coyote

    Can you do another troom troom vid

  • Shiro XD Yt
    Shiro XD Yt

    2:28 this person for sure watches Wilbur soot

  • Jenius


  • Jenius

    I want to see a video on the things I've shoved up my arse because there are 3 episodes

  • あなたは購読しています!A.I.Nyn!

    "Everybody is Kung Fu fighting" *THEY TOOK THE SAME SONG AS KUNG FU PANDA'S*

  • Swipe _dominate
    Swipe _dominate

    I bet Danny will never read this

  • Hello hello
    Hello hello

    I have school soon and I I'm going to die. I will edit this when it's over 💖 this is going to be the worst day of my life

  • DRESDENEQUE !!!!!!
    DRESDENEQUE !!!!!!

    Trump: is president. Me: 9:50.

  • jane woodard
    jane woodard

    You would not believe your eyes of you saw a milloin fire flies because you would go go GPVP BaLINF

  • Brenda Lugo
    Brenda Lugo

    I saw the movie when I was little and the beginning is leiterally just like 5 minutes of him making sweet cakes and the monkey is the father of the blue robed animal eared thing idk what it is.

  • illuxks

    objects that i’ve shoved up my ass. christmas addition. BABY JESUS

  • Teague Anderson
    Teague Anderson

    Raccoons are vile creatures and the amount of time he spent talking about them made me very upset.

  • Synonymous

    "Imagine getting slapped by a raccoon" "That would be cute as hell" "That would be so cute" "I would pay for a raccoon go slap me" *Masochist.*

  • gatorade juice
    gatorade juice

    10:41 you gotta keep an eye out for selener 👁

  • Shell Majumdar
    Shell Majumdar

    8:03 apparently this is not a puzzle piece, but a dove -- a distorted rendition, courtesy of the "Dove Foundation".

  • Jaden Buksbazen
    Jaden Buksbazen

    Why does Danny low key look like Steve from Blue’s Clues 😂

  • Doge

    1:00 Squeaker ?

  • Dale Harden
    Dale Harden

    "Imagine getting flipped off/slapped by a raccoon." So... Rocket?

  • Peter Mwangi
    Peter Mwangi

    tag me

  • Bananna Waffles
    Bananna Waffles

    I wondered why this was in my recommended than I saw the “objects that I’ve shoved up my arse” and immediately knew why (Wilbur soot)

  • Phoebe Browns
    Phoebe Browns


  • Antony Theodorou
    Antony Theodorou

    *OBJECTS THAT I HAVE SHOVED UP MY ARSE--* Y-Yeah I'm good- Nah-ah man-- *Heh* Nah thanks I'm good 12:28

  • Moonwatcher 2811
    Moonwatcher 2811

    Looking at all the links you guys send me: Spends more than half the time talking about raccoons (not that I'm complaining, I fucking love raccoons)

  • Noah Maya
    Noah Maya

    When you buy Kung Fu panda on Wish


    (PO PO PO PO sWeEt CaKeS) me: (uh no thanks weird looking bunny)

  • Moonwolf 56
    Moonwolf 56

    Danny is so official in my eyes, and so seeing him watch "Objects ive shoved up my arse" for like 3 seconds is so surreal like wth

  • Lydia Starinieri
    Lydia Starinieri

    Danny you should review the movie The Amazing Bulk it’s on Amazon Ptime.

  • Lum Lum Films
    Lum Lum Films

    You need to react to a movie called: Once Upon A Mattress, it scream "review me Danny!".

  • Avery Beerman
    Avery Beerman

    What if that rabbit was an ascended version of the rabbit from Alice in wonderland? I mean, it makes sense 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • TheNightfuryQueen fem Sans
    TheNightfuryQueen fem Sans

    Who else is waiting for a HTTYD review

  • Lu Feitosa
    Lu Feitosa

    10:30 he's keeping an eye out for selener

  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • detective MB
    detective MB


  • Shu Buns
    Shu Buns

    "Do you like my hat?" Yes raccoon man, yes I do.

  • Patrick star
    Patrick star

    Imagine your boomer mom buys you the movie and says that Kung fu panda is the real rip off

  • Nika Spitzer
    Nika Spitzer

    Nice! Can you do Spider's Web, A Pig's Tale? It's a knockoff of Charlotte's Web.

  • Bento

    Praise God

  • shadyrat

    “objects that I've shoved up my arse ” I'm gonna guess that person was a Wilbur soot fan

  • astrid

    wait i just noticed that the kung fu rabbit looks kinda like the bunny stapler danny made if he had actually used the tiny beads as eyes

  • Savannah Hudson
    Savannah Hudson

    im naming my children ratatoing.

  • Otter Nonymouz
    Otter Nonymouz

    Otters have hands (kinda)

  • Igluu

    express vpn is holding him hostage

  • luke fearless
    luke fearless

    He spends half the video not even talking about the movie

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda

    I am in fact a raccoon

  • Atlantic Wynder
    Atlantic Wynder

    This entire vid was Danny just struggling

  • Darth Sharky
    Darth Sharky

    Why did no one decide to send a Rick role to Danny


    “ *y a l i k e m y n e w h a t* “?

  • Cheyenne

    I hope the raccoon guy knows how to monetize his videos

  • applejuice

    that raccoon man is so dedicated i love him so much he’s so cute bye

  • TheKil0meters

    Everyone thinking raccoons are cute from this video. Reality, OMG ITS EATING MY FUCKING FOOT!

  • Trash Rat
    Trash Rat

    If you want to see the worst of the worst ripoff animated movie, its called trolland (trollz) and oh boy, it is from my deepest nightmares

  • Spaghetti Bird
    Spaghetti Bird

    The rabbit one is a Chinese animated film called “Legend of a Rabbit” that was super successful over there and was released in the US too with more similarities to Kung Fu Panda. Also Michael Clarke Duncan is in it too

  • James OKeefe
    James OKeefe

    The raccoons are handsy 🤣🤣🤣 I'm dead

  • kaito

    Its like Legend of Korra but Kung Fu Panda

  • David Bosy
    David Bosy

    Are those racoons really fat or do they just have winter fur? For winter season? Can any racoon expert confirm or deny this

  • JstAtuber

    Anyone gonna talk about the raccoons and peanut butter San which video has 2.7 billion views

  • Granpaw Jim
    Granpaw Jim

    sub to Danny Gonzalez

  • Granpaw Jim
    Granpaw Jim

    no wonder the rabbit was also tooken in for adoption his step dad is probably a damn aligator

  • Granpaw Jim
    Granpaw Jim

    as soon as i se those rabbit pancakes i pause to say and i quote the rabbit is fat as af and the pancakes g they look yummy

  • Granpaw Jim
    Granpaw Jim

    that fat ass rabit was fast as lightning

  • snufkin stan
    snufkin stan

    fun fact: raccoons are in the order carnivora rather than rodentia, and specifically they are in the superfamily musteloidea, related to skunks, red pandas, and weasels! musteloideas closest relatives are seals, as they both evolved from bears. also: possums also have prehensile hands and feet like raccoons, as they have also adapted to be great at climbing trees.

  • Gavin Cole Aquiningoc
    Gavin Cole Aquiningoc

    Not the glizzys

  • Maliha Chowdhury
    Maliha Chowdhury

    10:58 Danny: ... it's just got these...large face with small eyes and small features just spread out, it's not right. Me: (with my big dumpling-resembling head and beady-ass eyes and shit) 😔

  • Aqualii

    I dont mean to be a boomer, but imagine how unhealthy those racoons are. i admit it is pretty cute but it's definitely not good for them to be that overweight...

  • NinnaLinna

    I just noticed Danny barely smiles when he says he likes something and his facial expressions in general are very muted and I feel represented

  • Naynay Killua
    Naynay Killua

    It's confirmed that Danny has a raccoon slapping fetish

    • Purple Flamingo
      Purple Flamingo


  • Gabriel The Great
    Gabriel The Great

    When half of the vid is raccoons:

  • Amateur Kid
    Amateur Kid

    Ok so ik no one is talking about this but like....i want that shirt lmao

  • Anime Purge
    Anime Purge

    9:09 i literally just choked on cola

  • Jasmine Trogdon
    Jasmine Trogdon

    I want to see him react to akinator

  • lifewithabbie

    wait is he married/

  • Arjay

    All of Kung Fu Rabbit's facial features are socially distancing

  • Tasha J
    Tasha J

    Kung Fu Rabbit defeats Kung Fu Panda


    fier flis

  • Honeysuckle The Hivesilk hybrid
    Honeysuckle The Hivesilk hybrid

    im gonna be a kung fu thuper thstar

  • Faith Corry
    Faith Corry

    Ever try the electric piper? Kung rabbit is interesting though. But you can see the influence of kung fu panda

  • Culture Kicks
    Culture Kicks

    what if kun fu rabbit was another fighter that kun fu panda didn't know of

  • Camille Weathers
    Camille Weathers

    U missed the best part of the last video danny😔

  • Maverick Beaven
    Maverick Beaven

    Me: Mom, Can we get Kung Fu Panda? Mom:We have Kung Fu Panda at home Kung Fu Panda at Home:

  • Theworstube.cringe

    O m g I T d A ku Gn f U ra bB I t

  • Keena Ballard
    Keena Ballard

    He looks like Steve from blue’s clue

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