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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on LV-home, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez

    why did i think nicki minaj had a lyric about foam fingers wtf

    • Josh Geller
      Josh Geller


    • grantkank


    • Just some green dude 1
      Just some green dude 1


    • Elvia Trevino
      Elvia Trevino

      Check bella porch 40 million likes last time i saw them

    • eg eg
      eg eg

      @Fat Snek sick🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • lil keyla
    lil keyla

    lmao i looked so dumb thinkin that video only had like 3m likes- i didnt expect that

  • Cici Cringe
    Cici Cringe


  • Arctic Fox
    Arctic Fox

    my mom has a hello fresh thing i love that FOOD

  • Arctic Fox
    Arctic Fox


  • The Depressed Painter
    The Depressed Painter

    Wait- is Danny a barb???

  • DuM_ DuM000
    DuM_ DuM000

    Add a public comment...

  • star platinum
    star platinum

    I'm changing my name to Greg so I have someone to say hello to me every day.

  • Ray Wood
    Ray Wood

    whats going on

  • Hybrid Chicken
    Hybrid Chicken

    I think that they post the ad without the ad mark is because they aren't saying anything about the bang, as you showed. And because they didnt say anything about Bang and they just hold it, it is like if you hold coca cola in a video, the video doesn't become an ad for coca cola, you just have it. So the Bang videos technically don't become ads, that makes it legal. They didnt even say anything about the bang so as I said, it is just a soda you're holding (energy drink)

  • Rex Gen
    Rex Gen

    i was eting and i almost killd my sel lol

  • Cloud. _. Ariana
    Cloud. _. Ariana

    i thought it was halla fresh, but it was hello fresh.i like halla fresh better

  • Aeteno

    The second i heard the CEO talk I got chills. I do not like that man. He is not to be trusted.

  • Caderjames

    My friend had a caffeine overdose from drinking bang. He's Fine now but damn.

  • Bailey Simcox
    Bailey Simcox

    I seen a video with 200 mill likes bc this girl recorded a lion up close

  • Roni Heim
    Roni Heim

    Danny it's OK if you like the taste of sweat.... just don't SWEAT it (sorry)

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez

    Bang is meant for working out

  • E R Y studios 2
    E R Y studios 2


  • Cesar Mamoa
    Cesar Mamoa

    11:34 what he was going to say is “but I also wanna kill someone”

  • Pinpin

    can we just talk about how when he "cracks her back" he just dROPs her OntO THe fLOOR???

  • Jude Williams
    Jude Williams

    that hairline is really questioning itself

  • The Firely
    The Firely

    I drink them. They taste good but the caffene is crazy. Luckly caffene doesn't effect me all that much. I have no idea why the marketing so stupid. The ceo reminds me of a 50 year old guy who decides to go back to college and join the frat boys.

  • erin

    danny did you know that bang shows up as meth on drug tests xoxo

  • Mastertettie

    The CEO hair do...🤫

  • Cleopatrashbag

    the fact that tiktok has almost as many likes as Australia has people??????? is the next gen ok??

  • Munksterrr \o
    Munksterrr \o

    Bang tastes so awful. Somehow it has no sugar and still tastes like morbid obesity in a can. Stuff is way too sweet

  • [Rexy Animates]
    [Rexy Animates]

    The ceo looks like he would be named Jake for some reason.

  • [Redacted]

    “yee yee yee yee yee yee yee”

  • Shrimp Retro
    Shrimp Retro

    Danny doesn’t even know he is now a bang influencer.

  • Aidan's_real_ dolores
    Aidan's_real_ dolores


  • mayara nogueira
    mayara nogueira

    danny hits diffrent in this video tho

  • Merilyn Subermoney
    Merilyn Subermoney

    When I feel sad I watch Danny and all of a sudden my problems disappear. 🦋😅

  • Redacted

    Yeah so I thought that picture behind him was him drinking milk and then recently I was like oh wait, I'm a fucking moron

  • GetSadWithGarrett

    When you drink Bang and then you get teleported onto another plain of existence

  • Kris Law
    Kris Law

    I guess its time to react to Bella Poarch then

  • tea leafing
    tea leafing

    you snap your girlfriend's spine, do you: 1. call 911 2. pour bang on her corpse 3. DIVORCE

  • ShadoFox

    Tbh tho Bang has some really good flavors. I've gotten one or two before.

  • Barney Mcgyver
    Barney Mcgyver

    is it just me or did i thought that danny got sponsored by bang lmao

  • Sahara YT
    Sahara YT

    hOW dID tHey Do a BirTHdaY cAKe flAVoUr IF iT cAn BE AnY FlAVoUr

  • Norbert The Bearded Dragon
    Norbert The Bearded Dragon

    18:47 I have those same plates

  • Ciciplays


  • Shawn Bliss
    Shawn Bliss

    I've tried bang and I don't even think it has caffeine. It legit tastes like 50lbs of sugar per can

  • ᴄʏʙᴇʀ ᴋᴀᴛ
    ᴄʏʙᴇʀ ᴋᴀᴛ

    after i drink bang i have to throw it up. ;_;

  • Sarah Kashuba
    Sarah Kashuba


  • ِ

    also paper is super uncomfortable when u shove it up ur butt ud think it wouldnt hurt this much bc like toilet paper is paper right but jesus yd u tell me 2 do this

  • ِ

    fk off dude im not fkn greg i did subscribe & turn on notifications tho

  • Jessica Pierce
    Jessica Pierce

    Bang isn't that bad in taste. But lemme tell you. I have a hormonal disorder and I had to stop drinking bang. My disorder causes my skin to get weird skin discoloration on the insides of my arms based on what I may or may not eat, among many other things. Bang caused it to get HORRIBLY irritated, and then it spread up and down my left arm I began becoming super irritable and just sick. Whatever they're putting in it

  • Benjamin Raymond
    Benjamin Raymond

    Radical skadaddle is supposed to taste like skittles 😭

  • Yonnie Marshman
    Yonnie Marshman

    Imagine if the is whole video was an ad for bang 😂

  • Mason 2422
    Mason 2422

    I already use hello fresh.

  • Emma Avant
    Emma Avant

    also, the fact that it says on the can you have to be 18+ to drink it....

  • TheGame gangster
    TheGame gangster

    Bang is going to make the events of sunset overdrive look like an small accident

  • Funny BRUH
    Funny BRUH

    Plot twist: this video is an ad for bang

  • The Caribou
    The Caribou

    Hey Danny I burnt my toaster, what do you suggest I do

  • miss girl
    miss girl

    I only drink bang for the cans.

    • large phallic object
      large phallic object

      @miss girl oh god

    • miss girl
      miss girl

      @large phallic object u should have said that before I cut a mullet

    • large phallic object
      large phallic object

      nice hair

  • Random trash
    Random trash

    got rick rolled by an ad

  • clowshine

    it would have been the cherry on top if this video was sponsored by bang

  • Icyboi 2.0
    Icyboi 2.0

    When he’s editing he actually is Shaking

  • q-tip tingz
    q-tip tingz

    I actually got sick from the cotton candy bang. My cousin came over and she told me she was sick. I had gotten the bang earlier and wanted her to try it completely forgetting she was sick. Then I proceeded to drink it after her and get sick and spread it through my family in my house (I do wanna say tho this was before covid). So yes, great experiences.

  • lil weeb
    lil weeb

    16:06 me trying to enthusiastically convince the class i have researched and studied for my class project during my presentation.

  • Alma Gundelach
    Alma Gundelach

    to give you perspective, a redbull usually contains about 70 mg of caffeine. A Bang energy of the same size contains about 300 mg... it is literally dangerous to ingest more than 400 mg a day.

  • Nathan Ilunga
    Nathan Ilunga

    This video is a ad they should have chose Danny then them

  • The Duck King999
    The Duck King999

    he is a lawyer.

  • Preached Beast
    Preached Beast

    Btw Danny monster energy has 140mg of caffeine and a nice bang has 300mg so Ive got no idea why there selling it as a more healthy drink

  • Hannah van Marle
    Hannah van Marle

    Conspiracy theory: bang energy is a pyramid scheme.

  • Eleminity

    I'm guessin 1.9 million likes HOLY-

  • turtle tail
    turtle tail

    one time i drank a bang from my bfs fridge and i thought i was about to have a heart attack

  • Dream Girl
    Dream Girl

    Bang cult 🍶

  • Nick Champagne
    Nick Champagne

    I only except bang advertisements from muselk because he looks like my dad

  • Zayden Welch
    Zayden Welch

    i never want to hear the word "BANG" ever again

  • dogluk 32
    dogluk 32

    The bang's CEO clones sweat a lot.

  • im on a computer
    im on a computer

    Look at how wide his eyes got. 1:31

  • BucketYFI

    Bang: the drink that makes you want to do dark jokes!

  • Sihyun Cho
    Sihyun Cho

    Can someone try to sue Bang company?

  • Lyric West
    Lyric West

    My name is lyric

  • Spoopy Poopy
    Spoopy Poopy

    10:50 is this a ad?

  • Jorge A. Aguilar
    Jorge A. Aguilar

    It might be because directly talking about the product might have been against the terms of service. I wouldnt know it's not like I'm a Moderator for TikTok. Maybe TikTok is making a way to combat this stealth advertising

  • Lemon z
    Lemon z

    Y’all I started drinking Bang and a couple weeks later remembered that Danny made a video about an energy drink and I was going NO NO NO NO NO NO NO as I searched for the video and alas... I’ve been drinking bang. I’m disappointed in myself

  • Marti Jones
    Marti Jones

    When he said go daddy go I thought he said daddy daddy do which is an ACTUAL song lol

  • Jgxm

    650k Likes i lost

  • stan got7
    stan got7

    no joke.. bang tastes horrible and they're more expensive than monsters... as an intellect caffeine addict; monsters are worth your money, and the bang ceo is so creepy n questionable anyway lol ty for hearing my psa out

  • Sri Prakhya Pochiraju
    Sri Prakhya Pochiraju

    I just guessed 18 million and it came out to be 18 million

  • Narnia

    This is why I drink monster

  • Crappy Rat
    Crappy Rat

    The CEO looks like Walmart simon cowell

  • NeonNova98

    the first time i heard of bang was in the army my recruter was drinking it and when i was done with training every person i talked to was drinking i have never heared of this shit until i joined wtf

  • Faith Catalan
    Faith Catalan

    according to the Bang website, the amount of caffeine in one Bang can is equal to 3-4 cups of coffee; or 300mg per 16oz can. whereas Monster Energy is only around 163mg per 16oz, and 16oz of Redbull only has around 133mg. I also learned that its one of the top 10 caffeine-heavy drinks under drinks like Redline and 5-hour energy, whose numbers are heart attack worthy in the 16oz ratio.

  • AlienTacoBar

    bang also gives alot of free drinks to emergency workers

  • yousuf m
    yousuf m

    Bang is the tiktok version of honey

  • Mason y Studios
    Mason y Studios

    Imagine someone playing the song at a party and says its bang time everyone leaves because they think he means the drink

  • Sheyli :3
    Sheyli :3


  • unixsteven

    I will stick with Mr. Hyde more caffeine 3 different kinds and massive focus.

  • brianna lizbeth
    brianna lizbeth

    I can't be the only one that was distracted by Danny's hair the whole video

  • kylie mcnees
    kylie mcnees

    mmmmm whatcha sayyyy

  • Nebbus

    This eehhhh.... this feels a bit cult-y

  • Something_Wrong

    dang man, that CEO drinks BANG like you drink La Croix and I drink Izze.

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows

    Nobody: The blue text during the video: “ R E G “

  • Salty Pumpkin
    Salty Pumpkin

    Danny can I take that piece of paper out of my butt yet? Please, it’s very uncomfortable and I haven’t pooped since this video came out

  • A Martin
    A Martin

    Maybe the ceo is just paying people directly to "advertise" bang but it's not a legitimate ad

  • Flamingo Pink
    Flamingo Pink

    I came to this video just to say I just got a bang as on my TikTok feed.

    • Flamingo Pink
      Flamingo Pink

      Sorry, *ad

  • Light X.A
    Light X.A

    POV: I killed your dad Either you call the police and get me arrested or *DRINK BANG*

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