Spooky House: The Worst Halloween Movie Ever
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Spooky House is very bad.
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  • Q.L.

    IDK why it feels so meta and maybe illegal for Danny to reference vine. It feels as if Captain America referenced marvel in winter soldier or something haha

  • Cassandra Suzanne
    Cassandra Suzanne

    You know a kid isn't an orphan when he can't put a band-aid on himself.

  • Jiyu Starfam
    Jiyu Starfam

    *a great right C R O S S*

  • Charlee Extoria
    Charlee Extoria

    Moral of the story: if you don’t like children your wife will turn into a jaguar forever

  • Cali Lycan
    Cali Lycan

    Me sat here like: "the fucking jaguar's gonna explode too"

  • Myles Kitzmiller
    Myles Kitzmiller

    I hate children

    • Jiyu Starfam
      Jiyu Starfam

      A great right cross

  • Eddie Valentin-Zayas
    Eddie Valentin-Zayas

    “ I have nothing to live for anyways “ damn that escalated quickly 😂😂

  • DoOmBuGy

    My theory is Black Star wanted children but the great Zamboni said I hate children so she turned into a jaguar and made the great Zamboni think he killed her and since Black Star heard that's a great Zamboni adopted Max she turned back into a human again

  • Marija Neceva
    Marija Neceva

    When they figured that he said ,,i dont like children’’ and that boy looked at that kid the sugar crush song and the animation we’re playing in my head 😭🤚🏼18:20

  • Fetio


  • Alorya Mod
    Alorya Mod

    max has gen z energy

  • Piccleface222

    It always makes me laugh when he swears

  • Itaganne_Shu

    Spank the child

  • No

    Moral of the story: talk to your partner about stuff like having kids BEFORE you get married, or you'll have to fake your death/disappear and live as their pet until they change their mind? Also like... did Zamboni just roll with it when a random Jaguar showed up? Like where did he think it came from? If that was his wife the whole time, he certainly didn't pick it up from the pet store. Also what would've happened if he had just accepted that she was gone and moved on and fallen in love with someone else? Would she just maul the ither woman?

  • AngelofGrace96

    Ben Kingsley just loves playing disgraced magicians, huh?

  • Stripey 1010
    Stripey 1010

    1. Zamboni look like snape 2. Wife animagus 3. Why you gotta knock of Harry potter

  • Anime Weirdo
    Anime Weirdo

    My sister just smacked me with a charger and now I’m watching this XD

  • Stripey 1010
    Stripey 1010

    Okay but like imagine *deciding* to be a Jaguar for 11 years just to say: WELP YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSON

  • temporal teleporter
    temporal teleporter

    The theme song straight rips off the beat from. "If you think I'm sexy, and you wanna touch me, come on baby let me know."

  • Wolf Paqqy
    Wolf Paqqy


  • Wolf Paqqy
    Wolf Paqqy

    plot twist !the wife is the jaguar

  • Jack Alton
    Jack Alton

    After Max came out of the rocket, and Danny started talking about the panther I was like, "Oh yeah, the twist is Dawn is gonna appear, or she was the panther the whole time."

  • Tohtori Pingviini
    Tohtori Pingviini

    This movie seems really good tbh

  • ipeelyoubanana

    lmao,,,, "the great ice resurfacer"

  • Caroline Hutchins
    Caroline Hutchins

    "I have nothing to live for." When you think a movie character cant get anymore relatable-

  • Gaming with Sam
    Gaming with Sam

    The dude in this film, has won an oscar and two golden globes! WTF happened to his career!

  • Shiro XD Yt
    Shiro XD Yt

    danny: He's an orphan Me a technblade subscriber: *ORPHAN OBLITERATER*

  • Beth Boyce
    Beth Boyce

    As someone with depression that might know what the mindset is, I think the magician was trying to entertain himself and/or try to convince the people to leave him alone. So he acts weird and evil to keep the rumor wheel spinning, as a way to keep people away.

  • Gabriel Ruppel
    Gabriel Ruppel

    ... is is it ok that I also thought that too? bout the nothing to live for thing? 😨

  • Explosions Central
    Explosions Central

    An old woman hiring high-school age bullies to steal valuable things? *That sounds familiar*

  • Arya Andrea
    Arya Andrea

    It’s a kids movie 🍿 chill out ...dude

  • PhantomFork 3
    PhantomFork 3

    24:22 the best few seconds of this video

  • bumblebee127

    Man dis movie I HATE CHILDREN sucks

  • Hà Phương Nguyễn
    Hà Phương Nguyễn

    I can't stop laughing at that bucket scene, lmao

  • Neko

    She left because she wanted children and he said he hated children, now that hes adopted a child she comes back because she loved him still just she wanted a child

  • Unwillfully Ignorant
    Unwillfully Ignorant

    “Is acting like a psychopath,” maybe he’s just upset about the fact that there’s some kids who broke into his fucking house.

  • Pineapple_Pines

    The fact that a zamboni is the machine that ice rinks use

  • Mads


  • neil tickle
    neil tickle

    Me be like 👁👄👁 did he kill his wife

  • Shawn Bliss
    Shawn Bliss

    Was that Titus andromedom singing at 6:19

  • Shams Al-Moosawi
    Shams Al-Moosawi


  • Maddie J Sharpe
    Maddie J Sharpe

    “The great zamboni” reminds me of that thing that cleans the ice on ice skating rinks😂😭

  • Mcmwp 26
    Mcmwp 26

    Was the Jaguar his wife



  • gingerazul 126
    gingerazul 126

    idk why but that kid eating a piece of pizza backwards has stuck with me since i saw this movie at age like... 7?

  • Lily Elaine
    Lily Elaine

    Wait.... is zamboni's wife native because white people think that they have "mAgIcAl AnImAl pOwErS??" Isn't that kinda racist???? 😬😬😬

    • Lily Elaine
      Lily Elaine

      @Double Homicide I'm good. ty for your concern though

    • Double Homicide
      Double Homicide

      Calm down

  • CoinWater

    As someone who has owned many goats (they’re my favorite animal), who steals a goat?!

  • Wolfiwithani

    That weird magician dude: I hate you That annoying little kid: Sounds like something someone with kids would say~

  • Myracle Woodford
    Myracle Woodford

    Max's attitude is my daily mood😐

  • Megan Ruth
    Megan Ruth

    Man I hate it when I'm walking my pet goat and it wanders into the spooky house 😣

  • Michael Herron
    Michael Herron

    I'm going to go out on a limb, and say every one of Danny's viewers would understand a Vine reference.

  • UsedTinCan

    IT would have been a better movie if at the end has blew up in the rocket.

  • CthulhuFhtagn

    Plot twist: His wife was the jaguar all along! Wait...That actually happens???

  • Yaanga Usumaki
    Yaanga Usumaki

    *causally takes 3 hours to put on band aid*

  • Jennifer Maria Brocco
    Jennifer Maria Brocco

    Thanks for another great one!! Been binging ur vids all day!

  • DuckGoesViral

    that skeleton dance routine was the most terrifying thing i have ever seen in my life, like holy

  • Lum Lum Films
    Lum Lum Films

    You need to react to a movie called: Once Upon A Mattress, it scream "review me Danny!".

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover

    That plot twist was so wacky is drinks la croix 😏

  • Mina Ashido!
    Mina Ashido!

    Who else grew up with this film

  • spookykki

    you say this is the worst halloween movie, i say this was a fantastic childhood fever dream

  • EmmaDeLemma

    I feel like the story was meant to be that he’s actually his trick went wrong somehow, turning his wife into a jaguar but didn’t know.. somehow? She never changed he’d back until the end cause he hadn’t done magic. Guessing he should’ve looked more shocked at the end unintentionally undoing the spell, then explain all this but they might have ran out of time? I also could be thinking way too hard about this.

  • rQcc00n

    y know... this whole video was great but... the movie needs a great. right. punch...

  • Allison Helgers
    Allison Helgers

    23:55 Help Let Me Go part 2???

  • ღNatali Gaguaღ
    ღNatali Gaguaღ

    ➟ spooky boy←:🤪

  • Azriel

    That laptop is probably a Taclaptop: military grade

  • BusterTheLab

    Is the great Zanboni Alan rickman?

  • Blup Da Bloop
    Blup Da Bloop

    When you guess the wife will come back 😎

  • Tara

    When the kids first went in the basement it sounded like rattling when you bowl and knock the pins down.

  • EmberTheatre

    See, when I saw a cool, spooky, fun Halloween movie for kids, I did NOT go into it expecting the 7-year-old main character to have their character motivation be “I have no will to live.”

  • Vivianne Burger
    Vivianne Burger

    Wtf this man looks like snape

  • Rayyan Nofal
    Rayyan Nofal

    lol Danny cant forget the idea of "The GREAT ZAMBONI" killed his own wife

  • nerdified fangirl
    nerdified fangirl

    14:25 it's the misspelling of "renowned" for me

  • P P
    P P

    Plot twist his wife is actually dawnstar the town in Skyrim

  • Moustache Firey
    Moustache Firey

    The reason why she turned into a jaguar is because when the Great Zamboni sad he hated children, he put a curse on his wife and turned her into a jaguar (in the scene where she blows up, a star flies away into the distance. This is the same star as the one that flies away in the end.) Nobody's gonna see this anyway

  • Maxx Mason
    Maxx Mason

    Wait ok it the cat his wife I feel like I can see that from a mile away I'll return to edit if I'm wrong

  • yffuD maiL
    yffuD maiL

    I thought the reveal was gonna be that Dawn Star was the villain boss lady but nope. Jaguar.

  • Em Liu
    Em Liu

    I watched this entire video twice and I still have no idea what this movie was about

  • Sofie Annicelli
    Sofie Annicelli

    The little girl wearing red gives me mad Heather Chandler vibes

  • Avellanas Surf Photos
    Avellanas Surf Photos

    why are they scared of the kid getting sawed in half when they fucking thought they stabed a 6 year old like 15 times

  • Avellanas Surf Photos
    Avellanas Surf Photos

    this movie is more confusing than a game of poker


    4:39 dude you can’t tell me the kid on the left doesn’t look like quackity

  • The L A M P
    The L A M P

    This is like some kind of really bizarre twist on A Winter's Tale

  • Purple Fondue
    Purple Fondue

    I didn't see it coming until I realized that the rocket was standing up instead of side-ways when they opened it. The Jaguar got in the rocket when it was side-ways but Dawn came out of the ship while it was standing up. Honestly, to make it more of a surprise, they should have had her roll out of the rocket side-ways.

  • Jonah Small
    Jonah Small

    Hey Danny I made up a song. Ready? Panda puffs of panda trees they taste like ass and smell like cheese. Pretty great huh?

  • Ryan Loncar
    Ryan Loncar

    Actually I did see the ending coming (pretty clear)

  • James bruce
    James bruce

    I fuckin knew the wife would come out the blue rocket

  • Minecraft ARMAN and EMILY Minasyan
    Minecraft ARMAN and EMILY Minasyan

    Nobody Me. Starts crying* they call it the spooky house no one wants to hang out with him 🥺😪😭😭😭😭😭

  • Caspien G
    Caspien G

    I can’t believe I actually saw the plot twist coming. But only because he said there’d be a plot twist.

  • Alexis Carrion
    Alexis Carrion

    Zamboni isn’t that the machine that cleans ice rinks?


    I remember watching this movie as a kid like 15 years ago or so, so when this video started and the magic show began, I remembered instantly, but now as an adult, I don't recall this movie being this damn weird xD omg

  • Raining4rain

    Danny’s editing scared me more than the actual movie

  • T R
    T R

    "i hate children" *becomes a magician, a popular thing children are into*

  • TheAp397

    i just had a breack down

  • Denise C
    Denise C

    What a weird Ladyhawke curse

  • LargeNardge

    The great zamboni didn’t kill his wife just like Epstein didn’t kill himself

  • Grant Sam
    Grant Sam

    5:10 Technoblade: Would you like to be one?

  • yawn

    I did not kill her. I did not! Oh, hi Max.

  • Jonah Small
    Jonah Small

    I haven’t seen it yet but my guess is that the panther is gonna be the wife

  • Skit z
    Skit z

    A jagwaaaaaaar

  • hy

    is nobody going to address the magical shape-shifting indigenous woman and the weird racial undertones of that? no? okay-

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