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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on LV-home, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • The_Rebel

    Envy of the others... somebody may still your pet or something. He has a camera so you can see the thief, maybe..

  • AmberPH

    Wow, wish is truly weird.

  • Annabelle Wheelis
    Annabelle Wheelis

    bird holder

  • Clover

    Chicken helmets that’s old news everyone knows the hottest new fashion for chickens is cock caps

  • Trish Una
    Trish Una

    *I read his shirt.... he behind me?*

  • Elizabeth Busigin
    Elizabeth Busigin

    no wonder my queen alien came as a broken ripoff

  • Zara A
    Zara A

    Not trying to normalize teeth selling. There is this guy on tiktok who puts teeth on fruit and does these hilarious dentist videos.

  • Call me Twisted
    Call me Twisted

    I 100% think everything on wish is stolen xD

  • Lil Mac
    Lil Mac

    I like your shirt

  • Thisisverymuch Aname
    Thisisverymuch Aname

    I want a corn boat

  • T . A . G . S
    T . A . G . S

    ok cool *rapidly eats toilet paper*

  • some greasy fat redditor
    some greasy fat redditor

    if mr. crabs was the commander of the entire military he would buy everything from wish and trust me i would rather join the axis than cheap cardboard armor plates and airsoft guns

  • pen

    to explain the cat i the tiny camera ad its basically saying you envy others cute videos of cats on youtube so you can set up the camera and catch your cat doing something cute or funny (don't ask me how i know cause i don't really know I'm just guessing)

  • Zombeebear

    My little brother buys fake teeth to make creepy creations. It’s great and horrifying at the same time

  • Mr Boombastic
    Mr Boombastic

    0:13 me on Saturdays

  • YourAverageSelf

    Your eyes make me want to drink juice with an orange peel on the side of the 16 oz. cup. Also you are my DADDY '

    • YourAverageSelf


  • Devin Gorham
    Devin Gorham

    The red red significantly try because windchime consecutively permit until a rural hope. woebegone, juicy flax

  • Amir Al-Khafaji
    Amir Al-Khafaji

    I own that drone when i got it from amixon it was 50$

  • Edward Sterling
    Edward Sterling

    This was funny as shit man

  • Wayjayallday

    All the dislikes are from wish

  • Mauri-Mattias Läänesaar
    Mauri-Mattias Läänesaar

    About the low prices: those are kinda fake. I saw a watch with a retail price of 300€ on wish, discounted to 500€ from *2999.99€*

  • Tanmay Bardia
    Tanmay Bardia

    The cream doesn’t makes the muscle stronger, it makes you delusional

  • Luna :D
    Luna :D

    I literally ordered some stuff off of wish like 3 years ago and till this day IT AINT COMING

  • isa peterson
    isa peterson

    me looking at my pet rats that i bought leases for. ._.

  • Japse Jodel
    Japse Jodel

    ʷʰᵉɴ ʸᵒᴜ ʷⁱˢʜ ᵒɴ ʷⁱˢʰ.ᶜᵒᴍ ʸᵒᴜ ᶜᵃɴ ᵇᵘʏ ʰᵘᵐᵃɴ ᵗᵉᵉᵗʰ

  • Breonna Rumshlog
    Breonna Rumshlog

    Sorry Danny didn’t mean to get too close

  • The Potato
    The Potato

    0:50 is nobody gonna talk about Danny's pfp?

  • Sno fi
    Sno fi

    wish stands for: W- Why I- Is this S- Shit H- Here

  • Squirrel Works
    Squirrel Works

    I got a six pack from laughing.

  • TFG Television
    TFG Television

    The ad reminds me of that one Scott the Woz episode: “Hey f*cker you like chess?” “Yeah! And I hate pointing!” “Introducing Wii Chess. It’s good if you want to try new things.”

  • Faith Aarons
    Faith Aarons

    its because it is cheap, mass produced by slaves, knockoffs from communist china

  • chris

    When I Suport His wish website i can buy HUMAN TEETH

  • Satan's Butthole
    Satan's Butthole

    2:28 I know it's for calming down cats at the vet, but it looks like cat fetish gear. Don't tell Shane Dawson.

  • dizzy lizzy
    dizzy lizzy

    i think wish is just a trolling site

  • Zane Dumcum
    Zane Dumcum

    H U M A N T E E T H

  • :D

    5:54 Gnf only fans????????

  • RansomWolf Random
    RansomWolf Random

    Utmgzitskzitau right before this played I said when you wish upon a star

  • Go1denEagles

    5:36 omg did u just say cream 🥵

  • Sp1k3s_.

    Ah, Mens Tea. Everyones Favorite Product.

  • Olden Days
    Olden Days

    Not a six-pack, an eight pack :-)

  • Edvin Schönfeld
    Edvin Schönfeld

    dude i do not want to know what you searched on google to get both a human tongue and a chicken helmet

  • Trinity Randall
    Trinity Randall

    I never thought that there would ever be a website weirder than eBay but I was proven wrong wish it’s the weirdest thing ever

  • Wake up and Live
    Wake up and Live

    What does this mean ? They have no grasp of the English language

  • Jazmine S.
    Jazmine S.

    I AM A GREG. I subbed and turned the notifs on 😊😊😊

  • Silas Lunny
    Silas Lunny

    The trick is that u need to pay at least double the cost for shipping

  • Asia Jones
    Asia Jones

    Wish charges really high shipping fees. And most products are from china.

  • funky monkey
    funky monkey

    CORN BOAT! $100!

  • Banana Bot151
    Banana Bot151

    My grandma got ceramic teeth on wish because they were free

  • Tyrone Slitlick
    Tyrone Slitlick

    Danny"envy others...on the internet and its a picture of a cat" Me:😂😂😂😂 Danny:" have you seen somebody on Instagram flexing their mansion; get this camera and put it on a cat...and see the world from a cats eye view. Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jakeybust

    i need a jew

  • Chez ಠ_ಠ
    Chez ಠ_ಠ

    Danny's shirt:If you can read this you're too close Me:In another country 👁️👄👁️

  • Todoroki On weeb
    Todoroki On weeb

    I bought something on wish 6 months ago it still hasn’t shown up It said it would be shipped in 2 days

  • Mary Joseph
    Mary Joseph

    7:27 This gave me nightmares

  • Hyperion

    w i s h d o t c o m i s f u n

  • Teresa E.
    Teresa E.

    Oh yeah, there's a kink in the supply chain for those teeth...

  • Nobody

    Hello, I am Lime from Gla ce, how may I help you on this nice day? 🍦 🍨

    • Nobody

      ☕️ Have a nice day! Thank you for choosing Gla ce! 🍨

    • Nobody

      🍵 Okay, is that all? ❤️

    • Nobody

      Please use grammar when talking to customers.

  • Sarah Connor
    Sarah Connor

    My best friend ordered me a birthday gift on Wish about 2-3 years ago....I'm still waiting for it

  • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ


  • Nora Thiel
    Nora Thiel

    Me trying to read his shirt:🤨

  • Hbomb TX
    Hbomb TX

    7:52 steroids.

  • malachi poole
    malachi poole

    I thought the thumbnail said Skittles in low quality....... 3:28

  • *Sockzz*


  • Brenda Hamm
    Brenda Hamm

    18:45 oNiOnNnN!1!!!1!1

  • Al3x _mc
    Al3x _mc

    Nice vid

  • Asian Toest
    Asian Toest

    Mr.gonzalez the captions say "by now" not "buy now" because "by now" means it was by a person named Now

  • Gaia Hansen
    Gaia Hansen

    The Commercial for wish (1:47-4:03)

  • Ted Brosnan
    Ted Brosnan

    How come the bird holder looks like a Medieval torture device

  • Kristian Nygren
    Kristian Nygren

    id like one alleyway of cats because then i can have more cats help me do rituals to summon cat food by meowing for 1 hour

  • Heavy meat eater
    Heavy meat eater

    double u double u double u dot iwishdot com

  • Pringles Official
    Pringles Official

    The 8 pack cream is just some kind of drugs you put on your body then you have to wait for 3 days to start hallucinating and seeing the packs

  • jessie snider
    jessie snider

    I know this is an older video but u should definitely buy some wish items that youre skeptical of and review them like drew's recent video reviewing instagram ad products

  • maya

    What is the last one with the human teeth

  • Becca Conner
    Becca Conner

    Most products ship from China, that's why it takes so long to ship.

  • Irfan Hassan
    Irfan Hassan

    dababy everywhere

  • Jessica Gomez
    Jessica Gomez

    if i can’t read this i am what? I AM WHAT?

    • Jessica Gomez
      Jessica Gomez

      oh ok

  • NapMap

    1:20 69, Nice

  • Alexei

    i ordered a ceramic dragon incense holder when wish first got youtube ads, around 2014. guess what i don't have, literally 6-7 years later?


    because of rewatching this video i decided to go to wish and buy teeth and 15 baby dolls

  • Lluma

    Wish is just Amazon if Jeff Bezos was on crack when he made it

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    Plot twist: This video was sponsored by wish

  • i hunt digitaly and realisticly
    i hunt digitaly and realisticly

    Honestly the bird holder could be used by exotic animal farms alot have special pigeons

  • ThruHerEyes

    I feel like the only person that would genuinely buy the teeth in the thumbnail

  • Espen Edvardsen
    Espen Edvardsen

    They scam to a guy got a 20 centimeter tall chrismas tree but ordered a fancy elegant 2.2 meter tall chrismas tree

  • ꧁༒That idiot on Youtube༒꧂
    ꧁༒That idiot on Youtube༒꧂

    "Another episode" Isn't this the first episode?

  • Madison Cooke
    Madison Cooke

    I love when Danny had to think the segment of today’s episode 🤣😂

  • Maxie playz Roblox
    Maxie playz Roblox

    Mmmmmmmm men’s tea my pants are now on fire

  • kay

    i love how danny blinked with 1 eye at the begninning

  • Waffle Draw's
    Waffle Draw's

    Hůmæń Ťə ēţh :)

  • Jacey Disharoon
    Jacey Disharoon

    i ordered a set of fishnet legging things and i forgot i ordered it bc i got it like 3 months later and the second i sat crisscross the ripped down the middle i was sad

  • {•Purple._. Violets•}
    {•Purple._. Violets•}

    "WHAT DID THAT CHIPMUNK DO TO THE HAMSTER?!?!" me: i thought that was a squirrel I-

  • Luna Lovebird
    Luna Lovebird

    The bird holder thing is for funerals. People squeezing the doves to death/unconsciousness is very common so this is so people can just unlatch the thing and the doves can fly freely.

  • Kolton Bishop
    Kolton Bishop

    Qho else tryna read his ahirt

  • Zoey Nicole
    Zoey Nicole

    Is it ironic how in the middle of this video, I got an ad for wish 😂

  • Onion Bae1000
    Onion Bae1000

    i have used wish once and only once i used my first free product that you choose when you join wish and got a phone cord thats super long for $1 on shipping ive bee using it for 3 years its insanely good for that website to send you. i love it and am gonna buy another one from whish if it ever stops working lol

  • Danial Khan
    Danial Khan

    the tile mate rip off is for when you lose something and you can see if it connects and if it doesn’t connect you know to just give up finding it cause it’s not near you

  • K.K Slider
    K.K Slider

    I wanan see this unedited

  • diapason

    oh god not danny using the gnfof sample before gnfof existed

  • AverageSurkhab

    7:54 that’s a real video on LV-home of the guys with lots of hair on his body, it’s just him shaving the hair off

  • Sinaan Sharafudheen
    Sinaan Sharafudheen




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