Guava Juice Is Out Of Control
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on LV-home, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Shirsho Pach
    Shirsho Pach

    Okay that guava juice guy is total cringe. What's with his contents. They used to make good videos.

  • Leonardo Bote
    Leonardo Bote

    why did i sleep 10 times trying to see this

  • Blue Storm
    Blue Storm

    dis boy looks like dani... he might have said if he was or not... whatever

  • Armanee Kasozi
    Armanee Kasozi

    Why does Ronald look like IT

  • Esam Maaitah
    Esam Maaitah


  • mslacoffee2

    I used to watch guava juice as a kid, then he indeed took 51 left turns

  • Paul Van Camp
    Paul Van Camp


  • Cubefish

    0:46 amogus

  • Görge

    It's funny how Guava Juice went from Wasabi Productions and then to a slime channel and then to a worse skit channel.

  • Random User
    Random User

    This is so bad it reminds me of Smosh's 'Every [blank] Ever' almost as bad tho..

  • Max

    I am in love with this hairstyle.

  • B-o-b__weeb808

    10 reasons why Danny Gonzalez is not the best LV-homer number 1 he is the best guy and LV-homer

  • SmallShooter22

    When I watched him (long time ago) he had decent content

    • nugget .
      nugget .


  • M Del Valle
    M Del Valle

    McDonald's was sued by an old lady for burning herself when she zipped their coffee.

  • Alexa K
    Alexa K

    I haven’t looked at Danny’s comment section lately, but it’s so weird how many of them children. You’re the new kids tube, Danny.

  • StudiViews Studios
    StudiViews Studios

    Fun Fact: McDonald’s actually got into legal trouble for their coffees, specifically them being too hot and burning customers

  • mr ball dev
    mr ball dev

    guava juice actually USED to be a decent youtuber, like 4 years ago, good times ngl

  • bu se
    bu se


  • Marco Amore
    Marco Amore

    I’m not gonna 🧢 I loved him at 8 years old I’m 13 now🙄

  • GahThePro

    note to self: don’t complain about the amount of munchkins or else the worker will turn into a goblin and scream at you

  • Rivers Cuomo
    Rivers Cuomo

    Oh my god, I used to read "things to do when you're bored" lists on websites that almost exactly mirror this kind of content. Time is a flat circle.

  • gardenGnostic

    remember when roi wasn’t guava juice? i miss wasabi productions

  • Wat Coldwell
    Wat Coldwell

    I never knew that guava juice is a clown he’s probably lacking on views

  • Gacha Toons
    Gacha Toons

    I wanna do everything Guava Juice told me not to do. Because that’s how my brain works.

  • iamvery_okay withthis_
    iamvery_okay withthis_

    omg i used to watch him on wassabi productions as a child...

  • This Human
    This Human


  • David Potgeter
    David Potgeter

    6:40 made me want to start a mcriot

    • Cassie Rose
      Cassie Rose

      Guavatar: The Last Braincell

  • Jarius Santiago
    Jarius Santiago

    Relatable, relatable, relatable...... That word is in everyone's mouths today. Not all media has to be a slice of life to be entertaining. I was sure that you already learned that lesson after checking his like to dislike ratio.

  • Fakeacc donnt
    Fakeacc donnt

    I love your hairstyle

  • kermit the frog
    kermit the frog

    Maybe order mc flurry and then turn into a furry

  • Stuart Burr
    Stuart Burr


  • Fy Jfhg gbhfhc 2
    Fy Jfhg gbhfhc 2

    Man I haven’t watched roy sense he was in escape the night s3

  • lil kale da whale
    lil kale da whale

    i was laughing so hard until i flashback of my childhood watching guava juice

  • Dona Somerville
    Dona Somerville

    10:28 when the kid at target can't get the toy he wants

  • Humty Alexander Dumpy
    Humty Alexander Dumpy

    Danny I have a confession. I-I went through the drive- thru

  • Hunter Selkow
    Hunter Selkow

    I used to watch his Roy Wasabi vlogs as a little kid.


    What happened Guava Juice... where did you go wrong?....

  • Taekookie 613
    Taekookie 613

    Stop being a hater

    • I run a Orphanage
      I run a Orphanage

      No. It’s just telling the viewers what’s wrong and what’s happening right now

    • RandomNation


  • Baishu

    I miss guavas old content 😟

  • Elsie_Edits

    I used to love guava juice...what has my life come to?

  • Durp snurp
    Durp snurp

    Used to watch him when I was younger, its sad what he s become

  • The letter e
    The letter e

    I used to watch him when he first made his gaming channel. It was painful to watch him slowly grow more cringeworthy.

  • Mr Noodles
    Mr Noodles


  • Zeko Malouk
    Zeko Malouk

    8:30 *Danny has lost hope in humanity*

  • Aguy.

    I feel like these could’ve been funny if he didn’t scream every 2 seconds and they made more sense.

  • Avery Garcia
    Avery Garcia

    I’m 11 and I remember watching him since like 5 or 6 and now I see him and I cringe 😬

  • Wojtek Piasecki
    Wojtek Piasecki

    Anyone noticed that the ,,flavors not left overs" guy was holding a ballon tommy gun🤣

  • Halfawesomegamer Animations
    Halfawesomegamer Animations

    When kids go to McDonald’s Mother: can I get a coffee Child: NOOOOO TEH WILL YEET IT AT U

  • arson.

    maybe she's just tired

  • Richard Wills
    Richard Wills

    When I was young, I grew up watching Rayn higa

  • Gillian Tackett
    Gillian Tackett




  • Marcel Bruins
    Marcel Bruins

    im pretty sure mcair is the first fart you let after u ate a bugrger from mcdonalds

  • FallenMM

    Danny: scooping ice cream Also Danny: scooping it out of a cone

  • baloney


  • Angel Siu
    Angel Siu

    Guava Juice actually makes me wanna fall asleep, like its making me not want to procrastinate. i would do anything other than watch Guava Juice.

  • Cesar Andrade
    Cesar Andrade

    i miss the old Roi, the real ones know

  • lily y
    lily y

    i remember when wassabi productions went viral for their call me maybe parody omg

  • Morgan Clifford
    Morgan Clifford

    Bruh I got a Macca's mc flurry add and 5:08

  • Alphabet Boy
    Alphabet Boy

    ok personally i would run if i saw him hes just creepy


    Danny all people that guava are little kids, my brother watch him and he’s a kid so it’s for to be funny for kids not you. And once in a sometime I watch him ,it’s just humor funny humor. Like.👇👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Zues

    ever since alex stopped making vids from him guava juice has been flopping big time

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron

    Thumbnail guava looks like he'll beat your kids and suffocate them with a big mac.

  • soupyhead


  • Emmaly Giles
    Emmaly Giles

    "Balonea... thats pretty random right?" -That one "qUiRkY" girl

  • b_duo

    Day 1 of asking Danny to say "Greg day" instead of "great day"

  • Min yoongi Suga
    Min yoongi Suga

    Guava juice used to my fav and when I check up on him years later everything just changed

    • AshKay Gacha ❶
      AshKay Gacha ❶

      Ikr specially the tik tok and among us

  • Bubble Tea Weirdo
    Bubble Tea Weirdo

    You just ruined my whole entire childhood he has been my childhood you tuber for a long time and though it may seem like you’re trying to do something good you’re really not in a way not meaning to be rude or anything but you can’t necessarily call out someone for what they are doing in their channel I mean if it’s bad and it’s not supposed to be on LV-home then obviously you should make a video about that but guava juice isn’t doing really anything wrong this is most likely a joke in his opinion and for all most of the people who watch him I have a question how would this make you feel if someone told you you were weird and your channel was weird none of your videos made sense and just bad your videos are terrible and I don’t make any sense how would that make you feel that would probably make you feel really upset and heartbroken and what you’re doing is making guava juice feel the exact same way the way that makes him feel unwanted and disappointed people are hating on his videos if you really wanna know the history behind guava juice I suggest you go check out the videos from seven years ago six years ago five years ago four years ago three years ago it was a good videos we are going off the ones that he’s doing now there’s really nothing wrong with them except for the fact that they don’t make sense but the point of the videos is for it to be a joke and you can’t can’t seem to handle the fact that it is a joke. Also considering the fact that you make many videos of this movie was never wanted or this person is out of control you shouldn’t be able to say that because it’s either the video that they want to make or the movie that they wanted to make they made the whole entire script they had to choose who was where who was cast members or who was doing each line in the video and you are just hating on them for doing something that they love for in a movie they’re making a movie that they think it’s really good and that they love and everything thats heart warming or just something that They think is interesting and you’re saying oh this is a movie no one asked for well who are you to say that about you no one asked for you oh that would make you feel really really heartbroken and really upset but imagine the people who made that movie how would that make them feel probably make them feel really crappy like you have to think about these things dude you can’t just go making a video saying this is a LV-home no one asked or this is a movie no one asked for because if I said that to you would be upset and of course I’m not gonna do it but it’s rude and I shouldn’t and I’m not saying that you can’t do these videos anymore but you need to think more considerate about the videos you do.

    • Bubble Tea Weirdo
      Bubble Tea Weirdo

      @Gumball Watterson maybe but at least he needs to be a bit more nicer about it

    • Gumball Watterson
      Gumball Watterson

      Things change Guava juice from the past doesnt exist anymore

  • caramel corn gacha
    caramel corn gacha

    Hes funny in the baloney😩

  • Audrianna Burket
    Audrianna Burket

    anyone else remember wassabi productions.. i miss that, that was real humor.

  • The meme guy?6
    The meme guy?6

    He went downhill after the momo video

  • SortOfChiaki

    Oh... lord..... Fun fact! Did you know: Guava Juice used to be really good. He used to make actually funny and dumb videos. (Dumb-not in the bad way) like, he got a bunch of hamsters in a inflatable area. It was beautiful. But then... \ \ \ Downhill :(

  • Blissful Beauty
    Blissful Beauty

    These videos are so relatable.

  • Offended_Goose

    Is no one going to talk about the fact that you can see a hand coming from the bottom of the counter tossing the McFlurry

    • Shanon Free
      Shanon Free

      Oh wait, yeah what the hell?

  • Cookie Man
    Cookie Man

    i used to watch him when i was like 10

    • Purpl Syntax
      Purpl Syntax

      I remember TRYING to watch his channel but couldn't. It was just weird for me lool

  • Johann Sungahid
    Johann Sungahid

    A yes my chilhood watching guava juice i had brain damage as a kid

  • glideninja

    When you said they took a left turn and then took fifty more left turns i counted it and it would end up being just a right turn-

  • Eldaffa Ardiona
    Eldaffa Ardiona

    That's the point about guava juice, comedy entertainment and have fun! Well it's been so long i've been not watch guava juice

  • Homespun

    I miss the old guava juice

  • Lothario Gobsmacked
    Lothario Gobsmacked

    I like your new haircut Drew.

  • Talking tree from Bugaboo Creek
    Talking tree from Bugaboo Creek

    I’d like to make a citizen arrest

  • Teacher LGBTQ
    Teacher LGBTQ

    Why are your eyes so pretty? It’s like actually scary. You’re forever staring into my soul

  • Mickey Bekele
    Mickey Bekele

    I've literally watched the same T.V. shows, movies, youtube channels, you name it, and I have never even gotten close to the number of insults danny finds on these things.

  • boyfriend

    Guava juice is the most "WTF" kinda channel

  • QD Prod.
    QD Prod.

    outro song is straight 🔥🔥

  • Asher Yates
    Asher Yates

    Everything was fine until the mcfire nation attacked...

  • Jose V
    Jose V


  • Yussef Thabet
    Yussef Thabet

    Come on guava juice was my childhood

  • Carm

    Rolanda fell off

  • Ella Kenney
    Ella Kenney

    It’s been a while since I watched him...I’ve missed him and his songs. But uh I wasn’t expecting this... WHERE DID “Greg is the fasted growing army on LV-home, don’t look like that” GO!? And where is the picture of him in the background with a picture of him in the background ? And uh..WHERE THE FUCK IS THE NUT CRACKERRRRRRRRR

  • Loki Lovro
    Loki Lovro

    yt algorithm

  • spork

    his videos are like my mind in a nutshell


    Mmmmmmmmm, Greg.

  • Cheeese

    I feel like guava juice is being held at gun point at this point, by the restaurant

  • Naveed Anwar
    Naveed Anwar

    i love his outro

  • Fire Beast Gaming
    Fire Beast Gaming

    Guava juice is one of my favourite ytr

  • dweam_smp


  • Daniel Kozma
    Daniel Kozma

    Yo these skits are entertaining hahaha

  • Stikbot Club and Friends
    Stikbot Club and Friends


  • Landoj 0625
    Landoj 0625

    I was expecting for guava juice to be like: hey DANNY yes I am watching this and I am a complete fucking idiot and yes you have a big brain and yes I am subscribed thank you for asking!!!!!

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