The Worst Dating Show On The Radio
Today we're talking about the mystery that is Waiting By The Phone. What is it? Why is it? Who allowed this to happen?
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on LV-home, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • alim _
    alim _


  • memetrashlord

    13:33 📮

  • Reagan Brianne
    Reagan Brianne

    Stephanie soo!

  • Landon Baessler
    Landon Baessler

    Chicago gang where u at

  • Max Garcia
    Max Garcia

    13:33 SUS

    • memetrashlord


  • Danielle Lynch
    Danielle Lynch


  • anshats

    did danny just say "seems a little sus to me"

  • fayte Browder
    fayte Browder

    Why is radio so assulting to the ears

  • Wolf Paqqy
    Wolf Paqqy

    i listen to i-heart raido just for music

  • Annemarie Sammartino
    Annemarie Sammartino

    Is it just me or is that Zach King?

  • Reid Swalwell
    Reid Swalwell

    So chicago

  • Mathias Von Wulf
    Mathias Von Wulf

    I like to "accidently" show dates my kill room. That way I can decide if she's a keeper, or if I need to grab my tools.

  • Nymeria_09


  • hobi_ sflower
    hobi_ sflower

    Why tf there Stephanie and Zach here

  • Anole Juice
    Anole Juice

    Angie threatening to slap Danny with legal but she hardly talks lmfao

  • Carrrly

    You know what hurts more than legal slapping you? *Danny removing the getting slapped by legal video*

  • A H
    A H

    I love the thought of Zach King dating Queen Elizabeth

  • [c l᷽ o̷ v̷ y̲]
    [c l᷽ o̷ v̷ y̲]

    I am truly Greg 101.5 cilfm is one of my radio station

  • Sapphic Heart
    Sapphic Heart

    Kiss fm has something humming quite loudly in the background, it makes this nearly impossible to listen to

  • Daniel Teberian
    Daniel Teberian

    Where is Jocktober when we need it?

  • timeglass

    S l a p W i t h L e g a l

  • domskiyy

    I now cannot stop picturing zach king banging queenie

  • demi

    American radio quality sucks man

  • nairo quintanilla
    nairo quintanilla

    The zesty crow posteriorly settle because schedule lastly boil atop a snotty town. clever, protective wedge

  • Useless_Gamer YT
    Useless_Gamer YT

    Danny: So that’s why I’m gonna transfer my thoughts to you guys so you can be concerned! Me: *is already concerned*

  • Hammy Woods
    Hammy Woods

    The slapped by legal video had my favourite quote ever rip *"it's not delivery, it's the fuck do your know"*

  • Sameen Mannal
    Sameen Mannal

    *they're waiting by the phone because they forgot to add ways to contact them* It all makes sense

  • Aaron

    Bam bam bam

  • Scooped_grape

    In my country’s kiss fm it says a quote that makes me laugh “this is what the other stations want to be......when they GROW UP”

  • helloleeminho helloleeminho
    helloleeminho helloleeminho

    9:51 isn’t that Stephanie soo?

    • taebearu '
      taebearu '

      i think so too?? lol

  • Toby Riecke
    Toby Riecke

    Where did the slapped by legal video go?

    • Toby Riecke
      Toby Riecke

      @Hammy Woods damn so people kept slapping angie with unlegal

    • Hammy Woods
      Hammy Woods

      He took it down bc people wouldn't stop bothering angie

  • nobody's problem
    nobody's problem

    I like how hes just stopped explaining what greg means at this point


    Dude, you should see Brooke and Jubal in the morning. The one dude in the background, Jeffrey, HE HAS THE MOST ANNOYING LAUGH AND HE DOES IT CONSTANTLY. And you know what’s even worse? Jubal left and now it’s Brooke and Jeffrey. *c r i*

  • Aesthetic Luvs
    Aesthetic Luvs

    13:07 That was literally a picture of the girl who does tori on victorious... (Edit) lol I just finished the video and realized that they used queen Elisabeth and Zack King

  • Free Range
    Free Range

    You've been slapped by you've been slapped by the smooth legal doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo do owe.

  • The Commenting Commenter
    The Commenting Commenter

    The "slapped by legal" vid is gone :((((

  • Asuma Sensei
    Asuma Sensei

    Wait did his slapped by legal video actually get taken down I'm confused

  • Lucile land
    Lucile land


  • King Yoshi
    King Yoshi

    Danny’s vid got deleted

    • Phosie

      @Randomtwixy33 its fine =w=

    • Randomtwixy33

      @Phosie lol sorry just making sure. Didn’t want anyone thinking Angie took it down or something.

    • Phosie

      @Randomtwixy33 i know dont worry-

    • Randomtwixy33

      @Phosie he deleted it because people were still bothering Angie about it even when he told them not to

    • Phosie

      @lolz slapped by legal

  • willowspryte

    Yeah that totally happened. Coke in a parking lot. Yep. And a grown man took a crap in a woman's bed. Totally real. Funny how the last two sounded exactly the same, like a script. "We had some drinks, and then hooked up, so that was cool."

  • Lyca

    10:03 ʰᵉʰ

  • Jonel B
    Jonel B

    the MOMENT you told me the setup for this I was like "People wouldn't answer their phones if a random number called them???" like I'm sure they leave a voicemail but I, like any good millenial, would assume it's a scam and never call them back nor answer their calls. Seriously. It's why a lot of the daytime drama shows based off dr. phil/maury are fake, because like would you go on daytime tv to argue with some ex girlfriend about something? probably not. I guess this is a bit more anonymous but it feels definitely like they've just called their actor friends to play fun characters, I can't imagine a single millenial that would answer their phone and agree to go on a show like this. Clearly it's radio content for boomers.

  • Tony the Walk Man
    Tony the Walk Man

    It is 2021 and Angie still didn’t slap Danny with legal

  • Making My Way Downtown
    Making My Way Downtown

    Theres a show called the Second Date Update were I live and its basically the same exact show, I don't really listen to it anymore but I'm kinda ashamed I never realized the show was fake 😅

  • Colton Pacholski
    Colton Pacholski

    I listen to this lol

  • emma maher
    emma maher

    also how does they have the other persons phone number? how is the date giving the radio station the other persons number. they can’t just like tell them over the phone and give the entire audience the other persons phone number.

  • charlesispi

    It’s February 2021 and danny has still not been slapped by legal

  • Emily Sanders
    Emily Sanders

    I wonder how scripted this is. It feels a little like they give them the conflict (date went good but no response) and then tell them to one-up each other.

  • Color Code
    Color Code

    I just realized the getting slapped by legal video is no where to be found

    • the gavinator
      the gavinator

      Rip that vid was good 😔🖐

  • Macey

    STEPHANIE SOO!! I'm so happy to get the reference now haha

    • Just Rayne
      Just Rayne

      I was wondering if anyone notice it too

  • Max Hill
    Max Hill

    NOTIFICATIONS ON. I am Greg now, Greg indeed.

  • Dancing Beas
    Dancing Beas

    Unnecessary stuff

  • chuck Doyle
    chuck Doyle

    It's 2021

  • Kunisake

    Grow up? You were conducting a drug deal!

  • Molly

    does anyone else think that this is alison brie who plays annie edison on community? the woman looks like her and is named alison

  • Cormac

    I'm greg

  • Tree Moss
    Tree Moss

    tsk tsk about to be slapped by legal

  • Boomerman69

    Fred looks like my pastor on drugs and that is drunk


    Bruh the lamp next to Danny looks like it’s floating

  • Bryan NC
    Bryan NC

    We have one of these called "Second Date Update." They don't ask for permission to keep talking.

  • Maximainea

    Oh your not supposed to do drug dealing on a date

  • SMA WJ
    SMA WJ

    i wonder if this is a rip of of ryans roses or the other way round

  • lance symonds
    lance symonds

    Gnimoc si lagel

  • Demetrius Blackwell
    Demetrius Blackwell

    What's up, Greg! :)

  • seb b.
    seb b.

    Its 2021 and sis has yet to slap danny with legal

  • Lexie Durick
    Lexie Durick

    Did anyone notice his video about legal on his second channel is gone?

    • Some Random Nothings
      Some Random Nothings

      Yeah :(

  • Luezzz

    I used to listen to this show every morning while commuting to work. So funny to get reminded again since I’m no longer in Chicago.

  • dave at nite
    dave at nite

    Wow, I've been listening to the "Second Date Update" on my way to work in the mornings for years. Exact same format, different radio station lol 😆 I always knew they had to be faked but I still listen every morning!! You'd think eventually, they'd get someone who just says "oh, yeah, the date was fine but I just felt like we didn't really click." And that's it, nothing else. 🤯🤯🤯

  • Christal C
    Christal C

    Wait did his “slapped by legal” video get taken down????

    • TheRedHatHaCKer


  • Eileen

    It’s 2021 and sis has not slapped Danny with legal yet

  • Ryan McCarthy
    Ryan McCarthy

    Anyone else notice that the slapped by legal video has completely vanished?

    • Rajan Plays
      Rajan Plays

      @Ginger The cute Dog it got deleted

    • Ginger The cute Dog
      Ginger The cute Dog

      Yeah i was just looking for it, idk what happened to it

  • Martinian Agbi
    Martinian Agbi

    You've been hit by: You've been struck by: *legal*

  • Thea Södermark
    Thea Södermark

    Fred and Angie watching this: 👁👄👁 wha- its.... its fAkE?

  • • rebekkah •
    • rebekkah •

    Okay, so I watched this video close to when it was put out. Then recently maybe like 3 months ago I went to visit my sister and one of the days when going to Walmart she asked me if I've ever listened to this radio show. I asked her what it was about and she described this radio show. When she started I already knew what she was talking about, but she obviously thought it was real so I didn't say anything. I just told her it sounded funny and she told me it only plays in the mornings, so we'd have to listen to it on the morning she drives me home. We never ended up listening to the radio show because we were listening to music. It was very funny at the moment because I knew the whole thing about the show. Also, when I was visiting, she said something like "______ is so slow. When I'm talking to her I have to pause and think of a more ______ way to say it so she would understand. But when I'm talking to you I can just talk because I know you'll understand. " I felt very smart because I don't really consider myself that smart. \( UuU )\

  • ellie

    Can we talk about the celebrity photos he uses to represent these characters?

  • ellie

    "Cocaine's not even real" We are saved

  • Carrot

    rdcfvgfdcvg fdcv

  • SaucY Boi
    SaucY Boi

    Did Danny finally get slapped by legal the video is not up there anymore what happened

  • Mohammad Yassin
    Mohammad Yassin

    When the coworker walks up and asks Danny to be quiet I fucking lost it

  • Zander Brain Cinemas
    Zander Brain Cinemas

    Slapped by legal isn’t up anymore for some reason.

  • Bali Katzen
    Bali Katzen

    I can't find the "getting slapped by legal" video anymore:( Danny did Angie slap you with legal to take it down??

    • Bali Katzen
      Bali Katzen

      @Sara Al-aboudi oh thank you!

    • Sara Al-aboudi
      Sara Al-aboudi

      He took it down because he felt bad people were still making fun of angie

  • Maddy Grace
    Maddy Grace

    Surprisingly, this type of radio shows is NOT rare. My mom and I listen to one where they have the exact same concept. The ghostee is always the freak.

  • Amber W
    Amber W

    I miss slapped by legal

  • clairebelle ly
    clairebelle ly


  • Koala -roblox
    Koala -roblox

    i use to think only minnisota had that radio.

  • Koala -roblox
    Koala -roblox

    do u were make up cause ur lips look like the color of roses.

  • Banana Power
    Banana Power

    One of the pics were Victoria justice lmao

  • Serenity

    That face be lookin like the it wants to slapped by legal.

  • Rajanya Purohit
    Rajanya Purohit

    13:32 he said sus😱

  • A Sagittarius
    A Sagittarius

    Why can’t I find the response?

  • minecraft play's
    minecraft play's

    'stephine' is missmangobutt on youtube

  • aeches

    angi left the pop scene and now runs a rock show LOL

  • Audri


  • Macy Cole
    Macy Cole

    We have something similar to that in Texas called roula and Ryan’s roses, they call the person saying that the man or woman they went on a date with is sending them roses or something and they tell roula and Ryan why their date went awful and they ask the same thing “would you go on a date with them again?” And sometimes they’ll be like “alright sure” but almost all the time it’s a big fat no. I’m just amazed that they have something like this awful radio show in other states... I thought Texans were the only ones being tortured with this shit 🥲

  • Kiara Lewis
    Kiara Lewis

    fred and angie is hilarious

  • Jubach

    Some of us have to answer unknown numbers when you’re like, waiting on plumbers/contractors to get back to you. Once you’re a homeowner it gets tough to just ignore.

  • Cody Slater
    Cody Slater

    This kind of thing would make me so uncomfortable.

  • infinite

    Why is the sister video to this "getting slapped by legal" suddenly gone ?????

    • janet !
      janet !

      a lot of people were still tweeting the lady from the radio show about danny & it made him uncomfortable, so he privated the video so people would stop tweeting her

  • Cocoa Playz
    Cocoa Playz

    I gotta admit something.. *my bones are getting squishy*

  • Necayl Norris
    Necayl Norris

    The Houston texas area has “second date update” that’s essentially the same show lol

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