Spooky Man
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The finale of the Spooky Boy Saga
Journey through the whole Spooky Boy Saga lv-home.info/the/nX2mfZbQdmNi0ak/video.html
Shot by Christian Owens lv-home.info
Produced By Anywaywell
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on LV-home, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Sylvanus Tv
    Sylvanus Tv

    This is better than your other spooky tracks

  • Adam Amsden
    Adam Amsden

    needless to say if I could sub twice I would

  • Jackie The Human
    Jackie The Human

    I'm proud to say I saw this when it was premiering

  • Mimi ArtZ
    Mimi ArtZ

    spooky grandfather for 2021

  • jjuupo

    Any and every song danny makes is a certified banger

  • Holly

    you wont

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Spooky boy,guy,man which one?

  • Lythande Polo
    Lythande Polo

    As a spooky girl I just wanna say I love this 🖤

  • Cavalier-13

    That autotuned h e e h e e tho

  • Goose mafia Spy
    Goose mafia Spy

    LV-home likes to delete my comments so, Next is spooky senior, except he posts it in 3 years when Danny’s... 30 I think, I can’t remember if he’s 27 or 25 but- I digress. It’ll be the greatest comeback we never expected, some may even say it was quite the freight.

  • Mochi The Queen Neko
    Mochi The Queen Neko

    wheres skid??

  • AmirCh


  • AmirCh

    u should make a music song for real

  • Edward Sterling
    Edward Sterling

    One of the VERY FEW youtubers that can actually make music

  • Jasmine

    The calendar says february but my heart says october

  • litdemolisher 2003
    litdemolisher 2003

    I'm glad to have been here since Spooky boy came out.

  • GuiltsMC

    The start of the song was not okay, I shit my pants. Never say "Boo Bitch" ever again please.

  • Aidenlol bonzanto
    Aidenlol bonzanto

    omg get roasted jaystainon

  • parodox 101
    parodox 101


  • MahoganyGamer


  • dreadthedays says
    dreadthedays says

    I love this song for the flow (not for the humor). I unironically watch it just to hear you. I wish you would consider making music unironically.

  • Surefire Shrimp
    Surefire Shrimp

    I know I’m late but... *he’s evolving*

  • uRyL Sky
    uRyL Sky

    im going to make a spooky son song in honuer of the spooky saga

  • uRyL Sky
    uRyL Sky

    how onld he is in each son spooky boy: 11 spooky guy: 16 spooky ho: 19 spooky man: 23

  • Name •
    Name •

    Petition for spooky dude in 2021

  • Lum Lum Films
    Lum Lum Films

    You need to react to a movie called: Once Upon A Mattress, it scream "review me Danny!".

  • senpai fnf
    senpai fnf

    My spooky boy is all grown up now! Awww!

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith

    My friend that's not an epic gamer: Listens to most popular songs on tik tok Me an epic gamer: LISTENS TO DANNY (aka the best EVER)

  • CupOtoast

    I love the way he says bitch almost exactly like Jesse pinkman

  • Chermobile

    I wonder what is next...

  • Lydia Starinieri
    Lydia Starinieri


  • TheCloneBass

    this is all i listen to

  • charlesispi

    slaps harder than legal

  • Astro Cat the Great
    Astro Cat the Great

    This song makes me with Halloween was every day

  • UwU Boy
    UwU Boy

    Spooky Ho wasn't as good as the first two, but Spooky Man really brought back the vibe I love

  • Sweet like Honey
    Sweet like Honey

    Who decided skeletons are scary? Like I would be way more scared if a muscular system,nerves system,or a digestive system came into my room

  • Katelynn Vlogs
    Katelynn Vlogs

    The fact that this song is literally such a bop 🤑🥵😤😏😎😜😝

  • HarBoterMan

    I'm 14 and this fire.

  • Salvatore Sultana
    Salvatore Sultana

    Christian Bale: I'm BAMAN!! Robert Downey Jr: I am Iron Man Danny Gonzalez: I'maspookyman

  • Fat Chicken
    Fat Chicken

    Next year we’re gonna get spooky legend

    • Fat Chicken
      Fat Chicken

      @Probably a Raccoon if this is true I will cry

    • Probably a Raccoon
      Probably a Raccoon

      @Veros where did he say that?

    • Veros

      He's stop doing then there won't be any more

  • Emily Willey
    Emily Willey

    This song has no right to go this hard.

  • katcass

    why does this slap so hard

  • Aleena Lee
    Aleena Lee

    I was debating whether or not I was gonna download this and then I was won over by the word Beret

  • __

    My personal ranking (best to worst): -Spooky Boy -Spooky Man -Spooky Guy -Spooky Ho

    • ok oof
      ok oof

      i would swap spooky boy and spooky guy but yea

  • Quacky Studios _
    Quacky Studios _

    Next: Spooky Grandpa

  • RedIs NotImposter
    RedIs NotImposter

    Okay but like this is so good. I wish I found this when it was Halloween.

  • messy moomin
    messy moomin

    next year go for a spooky grandpa

  • lolololdaniplayz


  • nonono nonono
    nonono nonono

    this Greg's talented

  • [Name Redacted]
    [Name Redacted]

    Make spooky greg

  • sena wasgehtsiedasan
    sena wasgehtsiedasan

    Why does this slap

  • Maxparso

    Greg is spooky

  • mr pelican man
    mr pelican man

    Next song spooky old man

  • Rastaman193

    Danny you've always been great but you're genuinely improving so much. You've got at least 3 different flows in this song. You're sick at making music man keep it up. Please.

  • 70% Pure skill
    70% Pure skill

    He's evolving Boy Guy Ho And now he's a man

  • That's Mama Luigi to You
    That's Mama Luigi to You

    1:07 1:40 2:06 ASPOOOKY DANCE ON ASPOOGYMONTHHHHH this is a collection of every time he says SPOOKY DANCE

  • Lindsay Yerrid
    Lindsay Yerrid

    I’m 4 months late but I was depressed in 2020 so Halloween is in February for me

  • Isaac DaGreat
    Isaac DaGreat

    Best one yet!

  • Gracen Antaya
    Gracen Antaya

    I fainted 5 times while watching this video.

  • I am a Burback named Greg
    I am a Burback named Greg

    Please become a Lacroix box Iron Man?

    • helloGoodBye


  • Owen Veith
    Owen Veith

    This is unironicaly, by far my favorite song ever (production-wise)

  • WWE And Mario Plush
    WWE And Mario Plush


  • Cypher Riser
    Cypher Riser

    Considering Danny gonzalez can go from a boy to a man without any looks changing I am actually believing he is a vampire

  • _Men_vs_feelings_

    Pov: it 2070 and this mad drops a bop about spooking forever

  • Julia Earley
    Julia Earley

    can we have spooky maid next year... i need an excuse to see danny wear a maid dress

    • helloGoodBye


  • Blade.


  • dcorridan7


  • Rosa Lugo
    Rosa Lugo

    Why you acting like Justin Bieber

  • Skreebs

    Cant wait for spooky grandpa this year

    • JC_Cohxy

      Spooky back pain

  • Yaretzy Guzman
    Yaretzy Guzman

    All of his spooky songs start with boo bi**h

  • Ayanda Gaga
    Ayanda Gaga

    when i clicked i thought it was a normal video then it started i was like aaaaayyyy❗😜

  • Random Crap my friends send me
    Random Crap my friends send me

    S p o o k y

  • Kai Moss
    Kai Moss

    Date: 1/29/21 It only took 3 months to realize this but the next song has got to be called spooky GREG there’s no other choice

  • Destynee Jones
    Destynee Jones

    Why does this slap

  • Cynefin Cryptid
    Cynefin Cryptid

    Then is genuinely one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard wtf

  • Jacky Garcia
    Jacky Garcia

    Is anyone else wondering if he used the lizard clowed? Lol

  • CM Martial Artist
    CM Martial Artist

    I’m gonna tell my grandchildren you were drake

    • Duhban Demheyters
      Duhban Demheyters

      He is

  • Reflex

    Now this makes me want to drop kick a baby

  • Jason Jarod Coetzer
    Jason Jarod Coetzer

    this year, spooky gent

  • Spooky Man
    Spooky Man


  • Christina Rice
    Christina Rice

    he is the only rap artist I listen to. I literally hate rap music, despise of it in fact. But when he sings it, I can vibe to it

  • Myla Evans
    Myla Evans


  • helloGoodBye

    also when he is sitting at the table what is he watching????????????

  • helloGoodBye


    • Kade

      Hee hee

  • APPOllo

    Danny how should i tell you if ytbers make song its always cringe even if your normal content is fun

  • Hangry Hufflepuff
    Hangry Hufflepuff

    I can honestly tell you that this is in my top 3 songs of all time

  • emo girl pog
    emo girl pog

    i’m so tired of pretending this man isn’t attractive

  • Steffan Murray
    Steffan Murray

    Repent of sin, Jesus is our lord pray and read the Bible.

  • Julianna Elliott
    Julianna Elliott

    What's the next one gonna be? Spooky bitch?

  • Brayden Perkins
    Brayden Perkins

    this makes me really wish that Danny Gonzales was real. :(

    • Chonky Doggo
      Chonky Doggo

      Ikr :((

  • I do Beepuns
    I do Beepuns

    No one : Me : listening to this in January

  • Tabitha Gray
    Tabitha Gray

    danny really went off with the instrumental here and i love it so much

  • Jaury Castillo
    Jaury Castillo

    I hate it since its diff from spooky boi and man but i also like it more

  • Sofia Ruiz
    Sofia Ruiz

    I like this song a lot lol even 3 months later

  • Tyler Triolo
    Tyler Triolo

    What's next, spooky grandpa?

  • Tinky

    Bro, that flow at 1:13 was actually fire wth

  • BasicallyAstro

    "Who's your favourite artist?" Well it's complicated

  • k gamer
    k gamer

    This song is like really good I don't about you guys tho:)

  • Klauvinia

    Boo bitch, I just can't stop Ay, putting out spooky boy bops Witches and pumpkins, I got that wap Feeling like a gargoyle 'cause I'm sitting on top Used to be a spooky boy but I grew some Yeah, now I'm even more gruesome I've been working all year on some new spooky tactics Bitch so you bet I'm gonna use them Boo, bitch, I look like Frankenstein All my bullshit about to come alive Y'all looking like Jaystation Like, you don't wanna call me at 3 am You don't wanna catch these fangs Got these fake spooky dudes looking like zombies The way they all wish they could have my brains, bitch All y'all been sleeping, I've been creeping every day I feel like drake, I keep my money in a grave Got my spooky suit on and I'm on a spooky cape, yeah I'm a spooky dude and I've just found my spooky prey Crawl out of my tomb and then I'm spooking through the night, yeah In the darkest alley, I'll be creeping up behind ya I'ma do my spooky dance until the morning light comes Spooking is my life 'cause I'm a spooky man Ay, yuh, I'm a spooky man Sounds like a superhero, more like the boogeyman At your Halloween party just for the goodie bags Haters like evil scientists 'cause they looking mad Cackling like a witch in the woods Bars king-sized like the rich neighborhoods When I pull up to your house now I just say, "Treat" I don't want a trick man now that's just no good (just no good) Danny Phantom in this bitch, tell that witch hop in my ride Haunted mansion with the whip, couldn't spook me if you tried Dad's a vampire, mom's a witch, I've been spooky my whole life Spooky dancing in my crib, yeah, spooky baby boy I'm gonna spook your ass no matter what you say Comin' down your streets like it's a whole spooky parade Got my spooky sweater on and my spooky beret I'm a spooky dude and I just found my spooky prey Crawl out of my tomb and then I'm spooking through the night, Yeah In the darkest alley, I'll be creeping up behind ya (I'll be creeping) I'ma do my spooky dance until the morning light comes Spooking is my life 'cause I'm a spooky man Even fifty years from now when I'm a spooky old man You've all but forgotten the spooky tales I've told, yeah Here comes spooky senior just to spook you in the cold, yeah With his creepy old hands I'm a spooky man I'm a spooky man

  • Big taste Big boy
    Big taste Big boy

    This goes Hard

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