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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on LV-home, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • None of ur beeswax Tu tienes pene pequeño
    None of ur beeswax Tu tienes pene pequeño

    the only thing that came to my head is that in the beginning of the movie they said they were taking senior math calculus or whatever, so doesn’t that mean that there just as smart as a regular high school senior? And disney just like makes them seem as smart as like some one who would work for NASA or whatever but they really aren’t and I am just so mad right now that my child brain fell for that. Sorry if I’m cringy.

  • Someone You might Know
    Someone You might Know

    You look like James Charles

  • Gabriel Flamerich
    Gabriel Flamerich

    “Give me your boots, your clothes, and your Lamborghini”

  • 2 ideots with a phone
    2 ideots with a phone

    I know the main character from another show

  • Emily Bill
    Emily Bill

    Is no body gonna talk about the fact after we see Jayden's gf we never see him again..?

  • Mcmwp 26
    Mcmwp 26

    A good concept of the viles of liquid is like a different type of fuel for the emotions

  • Madison Olsen
    Madison Olsen

    1:13 I used to think they were so much smarter than me for being sophomores in senior calculus, but now that I'll be a sophomore in honors senior calculus next year, I realize they're really not

  • lunawolf

    my real name is mae so 12:34 was extra terrifying

  • ViperFilms

    Did Danny just call that liquid....a SKIN BATH

  • billy no last name
    billy no last name

    Shitty wandavision

  • Seth Travis
    Seth Travis

    why so many dislike wtf lol

  • Phoenix Miller
    Phoenix Miller

    I read the title wrong I thought it said I bullied a better boy lol

  • Meredith Hemphill
    Meredith Hemphill

    I really want the sci-fi/thriller version of this story.

  • Zoe

    All that and she couldn’t even keep the boy? I’d be pissed 😤

  • Atlotyken

    Flamingo is typing...

  • liz

    3:34 you know how there’s the meme about how gays cannot physically sit right in chairs like somehow we all just don’t sit proper? Yeah

  • Farty The poo
    Farty The poo

    Pls do Alvin and the chipmunk the squeakquel

  • iinktails

    adventures of food boy pls it's a gem

  • CrazyReaper

    thought he was saying "hella fresh" lol

  • BANANA 86
    BANANA 86

    You should watch upside down magic. I only saw 30 minutes of it but I already know it sucks

  • A Human
    A Human


  • Harliey Tate723
    Harliey Tate723

    wait but the song higher, from this movie, was actually a bop

  • Drizzle Cake
    Drizzle Cake

    Mae really just fucking said 'my boyfriend goes to another school'

  • Drizzle Cake
    Drizzle Cake

    Pinocchio NSFW version

  • Ava Alves
    Ava Alves

    3:41 why does it look like he’s about to make out with the chair

  • Erlend Nilsen
    Erlend Nilsen

    So my teacher is expressing dominance? He sits backwards on a chair. hes 60 i think

  • Noah Winstead
    Noah Winstead

    do zombes

  • KindaLightSkin

    But why was this my favorite movie when I was younger!!

    • SCUL1Z

      This is a bruh moment

  • Casey Chan-Smutko
    Casey Chan-Smutko

    You watch it once and don't realize Noah Centineo is in this omg I can't

  • ashley lopez
    ashley lopez

    They called them nerds as if they’re not all in that math class that’s smart 😂

  • Mrs. G.
    Mrs. G.

    What the hell kind of school disects LIVE frogs?

  • Allison Dickson
    Allison Dickson

    Wannane weird science

  • WhiteScorpio2

    "I decided I don't want to kiss with you" "Oh, OK" "I'm gonna kill you now" "wat" (Stabs him in the heart with a knife)

  • Baibo.

    Oh my lord. The number plate on his car says 'meowsers'

  • Shōakuma

    May when given the idea of creating a social media account for a fake boyfriend: That’s creepy and lame. May when given the idea to make a realistic virtual boyfriend and code his software: This is perfectly natural.

  • Charles Mellor
    Charles Mellor

    gay people can't sit properly, the cool people can't sit properly......

  • Kaena Green
    Kaena Green

    7:30 don’t mind me, just saving my favorite time stamp

  • JumpyJumpJumpJumps

    srry I cant comment bc I dont have a computers

    • Stupid Creations
      Stupid Creations

      W ha t

  • mazy_flazy

    What a mean robot.

  • jqnbox XD
    jqnbox XD

    I keep watching this video just bc of the quotes "HE'S TOO F*CKIN HUNKY" and "Mean robot". These lines kill me haha

  • finn

    you should watch valocipastor

  • Mal

    8:22 why does she have a Justin Bieber poster?

  • Sherlyn Tavarez Alegre
    Sherlyn Tavarez Alegre

    I really hope her bones aren’t getting squishy 😟

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor

    Medium well? Pink on the inside? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

  • serxinn c:
    serxinn c:

    *hot burger*

  • Bakingqueen 12345678910
    Bakingqueen 12345678910

    You should watch minute men it’s a DCOM from the really early 2000s

  • Max Kendrick
    Max Kendrick

    Yes I do feel very dominated

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil

    Am I crazy or is the guy on the left of the thumbnail look like poketuber m and j tv

  • Anousha Sinha
    Anousha Sinha

    3:45 Oh no, I feel dominated by a...koala

  • Jalen Brownbill
    Jalen Brownbill

    ha ha ha

  • kolerful

    Greg Gang

  • FlyingDogeMan

    So her friend can hack into military computers but doesn’t realise that hey maybe building a robotic boyfriend is a bad idea

  • Chloe S
    Chloe S

    This whole time all I could think of was Wanda and Vision

  • emily brown
    emily brown

    the guy that played albert was on glee too... his whole career is a very chilling experience.

  • The Cool show
    The Cool show

    Your boy is nothing compared to my better wooden boy

  • p e a c h c h i
    p e a c h c h i


  • Hal

    I don’t like how they always make homecoming/prom such a big deal.

  • ethan cubed
    ethan cubed

    I never realised how many times you've referenced "scales" in videos

  • G3T R1CKR0LL3D
    G3T R1CKR0LL3D

    You just earned yourself a new subscriber.

  • PirateNerd Z
    PirateNerd Z

    Danny, you never fail to make my sides hurt. That's quite the accomplishment

  • GetSadWithGarrett

    It is gonna be the biggest weekend of the year, soon

  • sofía bv
    sofía bv

    this is some wandavision bullshit

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    4:49 “Jaden and I have been dating for 17 whole...” me: damn probably like months? maybe weeks? “...days.” me: ...oh.

  • Squishy Creations
    Squishy Creations

    may: albert me: *f l a m i n g o*

  • Stripey 1010
    Stripey 1010

    *mentions black-xsigma* Me: *realisee plot*

  • Anna Ghost
    Anna Ghost

    why do disney clothes always look like that ?! they had to have TRIED to find a pajama set that hideous

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Wow I never knew I watched this until I saw the “he’d be tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes” yeah I remembered that somehow

  • cherry

    "Or they gotta sit backwards in the chair to assert dominance" Ohhhh so thats why Amami sits like that

  • C.o.R (Lex)
    C.o.R (Lex)

    I appreciate that the robot created by teenagers looks exactly like the default 'hot' pre made Sim. The exact blue jacket is literally from the Sims.

  • Invisible_man


  • Rachel Cunningham
    Rachel Cunningham

    I've watched this five times

  • Earth Worm
    Earth Worm

    “this robot is going rogue to take this girl to homecoming and smooch her” *Detroit: Become Human*

  • humblehanna23

    what‘s really tripping me out is that....that‘s spencer from glee

  • 0_ tyne
    0_ tyne

    i hate to say it but danny looks low key cute here

  • Faceless

    I imagine that the robot has access to the military's funding money, and it just spends it on cars and clothes.

  • dr pill
    dr pill

    i'm mad danny didn't talk abt the weird creepy crush mae's older brother had on her best friend. he's a whole adult and they're like 14😐

  • Alexander Marloth
    Alexander Marloth

    these bad disney channel movie rewiews are some of the most fun ive had watching plz make more.

  • The Caribou
    The Caribou

    Taqueria salsa

  • Tom Tritschler
    Tom Tritschler

    Wish version of Wanda vision

  • Jun’s Forehead
    Jun’s Forehead

    ok but he’s still her bf even if it’s only been 17 days...were we supposed to root for may?

  • Lee Xiong
    Lee Xiong

    This show is the budget version of wandavision lol

  • itsokdontscream

    Wow I never knew I watched this until I saw the “he’d be tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes” yeah I remembered that somehow

  • CthulhuFhtagn

    When someone who's supposed to be a military scientist says "electro-pulse device" instead of "EMP"...

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    Why do they have vials of personalities for a heartless machine of war

  • Mia Jenae
    Mia Jenae


  • i like apple juice
    i like apple juice

    no danny, i do not feel dominated

  • Christopher Henry
    Christopher Henry

    "total hot burger"-some nerd

    • Christopher Henry
      Christopher Henry


    • Christopher Henry
      Christopher Henry

      That was a really dumb comment

  • Abagail Frease
    Abagail Frease

    May: "Tall, blue eyes, blond hair..." Germany: 👁👄👁 👌

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      Who loves that little wave at the begging

  • ramen addict
    ramen addict

    Is Albert a Tact product? Because he's built military tough.

  • Holly Dahya
    Holly Dahya

    this reminded me about scales XD

  • Yusuf Resul
    Yusuf Resul

    I hope this "bones getting squishy" joke lasts forever!

  • Mahdi Reza
    Mahdi Reza

    Ok who else questions why tf pretty much every lovey dovey american sweet 16 teen drama has to have a blonde hair blue eyed boy that looks like a Ken doll and justin bieber had a baby?! 🤨 wtf they're so basic 🙄

  • Mammoth Minis DIY
    Mammoth Minis DIY

    Has no one noticed that Albert’s license plate is “meowzers”!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Ysh Rivera
    Ysh Rivera

    This is pretty much Absolute Boyfriend but at home.

  • Cola Roblox
    Cola Roblox

    Hey have I watched all of these bad movies in my childhood😭😭

  • depression pizza from hell
    depression pizza from hell

    Astro boy + shity plot and ending + creepy shit

  • Avatar123

    Hi to all the gays that got intimidated by 3:37

  • Joker TR
    Joker TR

    Is this how Kellie got into lab rats?

  • Jyo M'Crow
    Jyo M'Crow

    Why the hell was every film writer ever so obsessed with protagonists with blonde hair and blue eyes?

  • Malakai Iankov
    Malakai Iankov

    Who the fu*k is Greg

    • Stupid Creations
      Stupid Creations

      I'm dissapointed


    The leader jocks always want to be the alpha

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