How 2 Be Rich
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on LV-home, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Brian Griffin ASMR
    Brian Griffin ASMR

    Yes we are all dudes

  • Sleeping Sock Productions
    Sleeping Sock Productions

    I’m defiantly not a girl watching this boys only video

  • dyl_an

    is danny a coors banquet man?

  • The Defiant
    The Defiant

    As a human of the female gender, I am indeed not female I just want that clout im not female I’m an attack helicopter.

  • OhNoGlyxo

    Me who is neither male nor female. *confused screaming*

  • Blüdhound 732
    Blüdhound 732

    5:59 That’s an actual line from the film, The Dark Knight

  • occasional memes
    occasional memes

    "i could do a love with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back" i mean. i guess some forms of love can include that

  • Possum Boy
    Possum Boy

    The amount of trans people in da comments making jokes... effervescent. Truly, trans people are funnier than cis people

  • Lemon • Flower
    Lemon • Flower

    I can still watch this if I’m non-binary right?

  • Andre Klugel
    Andre Klugel

    Hello Fresh takes away all of the prep work (while peeling entire sweet potato).

  • Maximus Awesomeness
    Maximus Awesomeness

    That bully is also a motivational speaker

  • Grape Juice Monster
    Grape Juice Monster

    so what I'm pickin up here is that only gay men can be rich. I can get behind that.

  • Quince

    "There's no girls watching this, right?" Me(a trans man): ^ V ^

  • Shirsha Sengupta
    Shirsha Sengupta

    Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne:👀

  • • willbee •
    • willbee •

    "There's no girls watching this, right?" I am not a girl, I am a Greg. (i didn't scroll through the comments, so i'm sorry if it's similar to someone elses-)

  • Robert Lundstram
    Robert Lundstram


    • Rat Dad
      Rat Dad

      go away Craig 👎

  • just a random person
    just a random person

    Boys, girls, non binarys? Never heard of them, I only know Greg.

  • Brickmation Studios
    Brickmation Studios

    5:20 But is it alright if you’re dating a dude?

  • ellie

    This is false advertising, I am single and I am not remotely wealthy. *edit:* Of course, it's because I am a woman. I am such a fool.

  • Cut

    No girls allowed 😎 If im gay am i still considered manly tho-

  • EnigmaDrath

    "Every girl is a top gamer when it comes to playing with feelings." - Cristiano Ronaldo ( ... I guess)


    Me a girl:Oop

  • Lady Deadness
    Lady Deadness

    I came for the thumbnail

  • LydiaAB44

    Well guess I’m a guy now

  • thats cool
    thats cool

    “You can’t be rich if your dating a woman” Millionaire: * Starts Dating Guys*

    • Mix It Up!
      Mix It Up!

      *power move*

  • Daniela Roa
    Daniela Roa

    My take away: women will end social classes by stopping men from being rich

  • Johail


  • Dahlia Wolanski
    Dahlia Wolanski

    I’m a ✨GIRL✨✋🏻😐 but I am a GREG

  • Aiden Hoogstra
    Aiden Hoogstra

    Me and the mcfellas being both incredibly sad and incredibly rich* *Doing ok i guess i just post stuff on insta and ask my dad for money every month or so. Why wont any girls talk to me?

  • Daniel Alvarez
    Daniel Alvarez

    9:30 you have to stop caring about existing 🤣 killed me

  • DeafShoot Human
    DeafShoot Human

    but can you become rich if youre in a realtion ship with another male?

  • Royal Puppeteer
    Royal Puppeteer

    *laughs in nonbinary*

  • Water Foxx
    Water Foxx

    danny sayint that all single makes without a girl friend can be billionares im a lesbain. at least im just pre-rich am i right kurtistown

  • KateSinging InTheSnow
    KateSinging InTheSnow

    5:24 so the trick to becoming rich is be attracted to men, got it! do I do that, girls are really pretty?

  • Pedro Maldonado
    Pedro Maldonado

    "woo🖕" -Danny Gonzalez

  • CoinWater

    As a woman, all I seek to do is to distract men from their grind so they’ll never be rich. NEVER!😈

  • Reyes EXE
    Reyes EXE

    "You can't make money if you're dating a woman" Good thing I'm gay.

    • Natalie

      I'm gay but for women so I'm basically fucked

  • Renata L.
    Renata L.

    yes I am man I like the ball game and drinking bread juice, that are things that only man do, no woman drinks the bread juice

  • Miu Iruma
    Miu Iruma

    WOAH! It worked!! I got two dollars from the tooth fairy

    • toeragtoerag

      @Miu Iruma Question: *hOw DiD tHeY gEt ThE DiNoSaUr MeAt fOr DiNoSaUr NuGgIeS?*

    • Miu Iruma
      Miu Iruma

      @toeragtoerag alright! But they don’t have Dino nuggy’s 😭

    • toeragtoerag

      @Miu Iruma e v e r y s a u c e

    • Miu Iruma
      Miu Iruma

      @toeragtoerag cool! What sauce?

    • toeragtoerag

      @Miu Iruma Oml yes pleaseee

  • The big potato
    The big potato

    The only thing that I learned from this video is that to be a billionaire you have to be gay (If you're a dude)

    • The big potato
      The big potato

      @Natalie good point fellow dude

    • Natalie

      You don't have to clarify, don't you remember we're all men? There’s no girls watching this it's not allowed

  • Zleep

    That Joker line about never doing something for free is made even funnier because in context of The Dark Knight, the Joker is lying in that scene and actually doesn’t care about money. In fact, he has a scene later where he takes the money he was paid by a group of mobsters, burns it, and then kills them.

  • NoodleMan Things
    NoodleMan Things


  • Chloe Bunn
    Chloe Bunn

    I made the mistake of watching this in class

  • Candycane_

    Girls watching this video: Guess I'll die

  • Joe Novack
    Joe Novack

    The only way to marry rich - be gay

  • Lum Lum Films
    Lum Lum Films

    You need to react to a movie called: Once Upon A Mattress, it scream "review me Danny!".

  • Max Gilliland
    Max Gilliland


  • Frooglet Animations
    Frooglet Animations

    Plot twist: They’re gay

  • Katze Zone
    Katze Zone

    There’s no girls watching this game right” I feel like the spy ^^

  • Bradley Miles
    Bradley Miles

    Hey buddy love your shit, but stop wearing "Coors" products. They are lead by a homophobic asshole. They give money to anti-gay groups and organizations. It's cool if you support that. But I doubt you do or are unaware what the company stands for. Just saying.

  • Weeb

    2:12 kinky

  • Kat Man
    Kat Man

    The guy who says how do u win a game without playing is a genius

  • Jessica Dize
    Jessica Dize

    Can someone explain the "Greg" thing to someone new here? Lol

  • homcidal lui
    homcidal lui

    I don't like how they used Keanu for one of their memes ngl, read up on that guys story it's depressing as fuck

  • 300k Shotzz
    300k Shotzz

    Boss Ass Dude = BAD

  • KamoGaming

    don't do anything for free well screw all volunteers then amirite

  • Useless_Gamer YT
    Useless_Gamer YT

    yes, there is a girl watching this. meh

  • Cream. Os
    Cream. Os

    Is no one gonna comment on how he does a great Papyrus impression

  • Couzin Brewski
    Couzin Brewski

    The joker said “if you’re good at something never do it for free” in the Dark Knight

  • The ungraceful
    The ungraceful

    10:37 Donald trump be like

  • Ellory Walton
    Ellory Walton

    this instagram account talking about how all women just wanna break ur heart me sketching a lesbian pride flag in my sketch book: 🙃

  • RIVERSIDE Productions RSP
    RIVERSIDE Productions RSP

    I guess the joker is filthy fucking *RICH* based on all this information we've been blessed with from these other stinking fucking rich guys 💰

  • Astronomy Demon
    Astronomy Demon

    7:29 read it in a papyrus voice and it's ten times better

  • Green_Tea

    Who else here is a girl😂

  • Random Comment Boy
    Random Comment Boy

    Easy solution to not being able to date girls, date dudes.

  • The compliment Assassin
    The compliment Assassin

    I am not a woman yet I am not a man what am I: I am chaos because I can avoid videos that say women can’t watch this or all women need to know this I can ignore them Yes this is random and yes I wrote this just after 3am I’m sleep deprived

  • Erin Smith
    Erin Smith

    Danny: there’s no girls watching this right? Me: nah, I’m definetly not a girl

  • Steve Wrkmn
    Steve Wrkmn

    “If you’re good at something never do it for free” is a joker quote. From dark night

  • Mia Marrao
    Mia Marrao

    im not a girl, boy, women,man im a GREG

  • Florine Wilson
    Florine Wilson

    I don’t think were all boys I know my sister probably watched this

  • KC

    Omg most of Danny’s fans are lgbt Me too 😏

    • the gavinator
      the gavinator

      Pog same

  • TruleyRoyale

    my mum used hello fresh and got bad chicken to cook

  • Luciana Galvagno
    Luciana Galvagno

    Im a women... Now i understand why im not a billionere... My boobs

  • Kinder Konn
    Kinder Konn

    I can see this guys video for a whole day a d not get bored why is thaat?!😊

  • Hailey Gaskins
    Hailey Gaskins

    Wait the “ you have to stop caring about Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban” really hit different ( I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and poa is one of my fav movies)

  • Astoria Rego
    Astoria Rego

    My husband's boss is a woman, her boss is a woman, all the way up to the CEO and the CEO. Who am I supposed to be leaving him for? Only one is a lesbian, and she's happily married with kids (and frankly, way out of my league).

  • Ella Langseth
    Ella Langseth

    Ahhh I was laughing at something that he said and then one of those sad dog ads came up and my family thought I was laughing at homeless dogs help

  • I Suck At Gaming
    I Suck At Gaming

    i am not filthy rich, but in fact filthy. I have been smelling like spoiled milk for ages since I began following these people, please help how do i get rid of this odor

  • Blue_Tube253

    Danny: We Are All Boys here Right Me: Welp I Better Go

  • Logi

    in not a girl im a greg

  • Regretti Spaghetti
    Regretti Spaghetti

    Heath Ledger doesn't deserve this..

  • ZillasRevenge666

    do i see the slide music video in the thumbnail?

  • Anthony Natali
    Anthony Natali

    Everyone gets it Instagram... having emotions is a money pit

  • moonlight

    Can’t we just eat 5 almond daily to be rich??

  • Nadia Maslowski
    Nadia Maslowski

    i used to be a poor happy person in a relationship but i broke up with them got rid of happiness and became rich >:)

  • Pansexual doom
    Pansexual doom

    Step one: be gay Step two: profit

  • Sewirut

    "Every girl is a top gamer when it comes to play with feelings" Me being a gamer in real life: *I made the rules Albert*


    To be rich, you just need squishy bones

  • Grace Wan
    Grace Wan

    I want rich

  • choirboy25

    "We're gonna be millionaires" says the guy with a net worth of 3.2 million dollars

  • Red


  • jk two crisis
    jk two crisis


  • Amora Neke Lukisan
    Amora Neke Lukisan

    But... what if I am a girl...? How do I get rich? I don't like asking for money so I don't think I can follow the steps of "all women" and be a gold digger like the video says women are...

  • Kalin animates
    Kalin animates

    0:58 I was like “but I’m a girl th- oh… No I’m not I just misgendered myself😭 I’m non-binary 🧍”

    • Adina C.
      Adina C.

      @JaKeAre you aware of how you sound? "Nobody cares about your gender.... except me because I feel the need to reply to your comment because the term "non - binary" triggers me because I care too much about people's genitals and gender" Dude, I-... Do better.

    • Adina C.
      Adina C.

      @JaKe It really wasn't necessary. Also, basic biology/psychology lesson : sex and gender are two different things.

    • JaKe

      @Adina C. it was very necessary, you can’t be non-binary, you have something in your pants

    • Adina C.
      Adina C.

      @JaKe You cared enough to get upset and leave an unnecessary reply

    • Kalin animates
      Kalin animates

      @JaKe k.

  • Lesli Brooke
    Lesli Brooke

    i guss i am a boy now

  • doublejoywilson

    4:20 danny forgets that being gay is an option (to be fair, this page probably doesn’t know that’s an option)

  • bioket

    Me: *sad and tired slicing cheese at Jimmy Johns Danny: JIMMY JOHNS....turkey club. Me: (“:

  • Masayoshi Kame
    Masayoshi Kame

    How 2 Be Rich: Don't hang out with poor people My sister who has a chance at being a millionaire: Well, shit, I have to stop hanging out with my family!

  • Bl00dy lollypop5
    Bl00dy lollypop5


  • Azriel


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