Danny Gonzalez

Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez

LV-home is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; LV-home now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.

  • Aimee Hayton
    Aimee Hayton

    Rewatching hours of Danny Gonzalez content because I’m freakin bored✌️

  • BroMann

    Flat Danny pog

  • Jillian A
    Jillian A

    Why does everyone other than the big pecs bear have their mouth under their snout?

  • Andrenu55

    I think ball ice cream is the kind of ice cream that you make by putting ice, cream, sugar and other stuff.

  • Peachpetal Studios!
    Peachpetal Studios!

    Notifications on! am I truly Greg?

  • Ayaan Chubbz
    Ayaan Chubbz

    Noice.... now your the santa our christmas would be better

  • Coffee Jelly
    Coffee Jelly

    koneko: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Andrew Nagy
    Andrew Nagy

    Low key I like the song they play when they “transform”...anyone know what it is called ?

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun

    This guy will blow up one day

  • Lauren H
    Lauren H

    Unfortunately the heatless sock curls are a thing & actually work

  • reidlab

    8:39 greg and maybe danny, could you help me find this song?

  • The Meat Man
    The Meat Man

    When you realize Danny uses Kisscartoon.

  • Squishy Ichiro
    Squishy Ichiro

    Lilys garden literly garden scapes

  • Robin Ibañez
    Robin Ibañez

    I love your merch but I'm broke... I wish you would do a merchant give a way. Loved this video! Good job Danny!

  • unxcorn

    i love all these references to past videos at 3:10 "Maybe she'll start a radio show" from I'M RADIO REBEL "Maybe she'll join the musical" (ok this one has no reference but if it does please tell me) "Maybe she'll start a band" from I'M LEMONADE MOUTH "Maybe her bones are getting squishy" from Scales: The Insane Mermaid Movie Nobody Asked For "Maybe she'll build a better boy" this video

  • Thought_ie ________
    Thought_ie ________

    I don’t think that first part was a skit

  • Big Toe Fungus vs. Fried Po Chungus heheh
    Big Toe Fungus vs. Fried Po Chungus heheh

    Wait are toilet paper rolls flushable

  • Isaiah Anthony
    Isaiah Anthony

    Why are sonic voice actors in these weird rip offs. The bear is clearly knuckles from the 2000’s

  • Kajal Kapoor
    Kajal Kapoor

    is it just me or does drew kinda sound like John Mulaney at 10:57 lmao- I can’t I’ve watched their collabs multiple times now these vids are so funny

  • Qat On Fire
    Qat On Fire

    I wish I was someone's handsome enemy 😭

  • Aurellia CN
    Aurellia CN

    Are you married?

  • Cat cat
    Cat cat

    Subbed cuz ur cool

  • Jadore

    Think about it. Papa is prolly making bank from her meaningless calls over whilst being on the clock-

  • King Spooky
    King Spooky

    this is my favourite movie

  • dog boi
    dog boi


  • Apricot64

    “Would you like some tea?” “No, I’m American, I only drink McDonald’s and guns.”

  • M Del Valle
    M Del Valle

    McDonald's was sued by an old lady for burning herself when she zipped their coffee.

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun

    Some videos still have the Mr. Sandman remix somehow. I guess he didn’t replace all of them.

  • Alexa K
    Alexa K

    I haven’t looked at Danny’s comment section lately, but it’s so weird how many of them children. You’re the new kids tube, Danny.

  • Statics

    Oh so he not gay

  • burning Kabutops
    burning Kabutops

    Ratatoing is so much better

  • Charanjit Singh
    Charanjit Singh


  • gage murray
    gage murray

    I was eating watermelon while watching this

  • Dmormazz 11
    Dmormazz 11

    Wow- dude is so in love w himself he thinks any situation where a girl ends up w him , she must think it’s hot and wants him lol- oh the ex u don’t like, broke in & u luv it cause I’m hot- kidnapped you, twice? But you’re gna be SOOO happy cause I missed you! And I’m Sooo hot you should thank me

  • gage murray
    gage murray

    Play fnf

  • - -Pyro- -
    - -Pyro- -

    I wish I could subscribe to you twice


      bruh make a 2nd account

  • Space Egg
    Space Egg

    Tac wallet: It can easily fit in ANY pocket! Women: 😑🙄

  • Josh Keith’s Informational Videos
    Josh Keith’s Informational Videos

    This is truly a Ted Nivison moment

  • -Waffle Wolfix-
    -Waffle Wolfix-

    *been watching fnaf since I was 8* yeah... kids been watching weird stuff...

  • HotTeaCocoa

    Me: Mom can we get Care Bears? Mom: We have Care Bears at home. Care Bears at home: 19:12

  • Old Sport
    Old Sport

    Help let me go

  • sunshinehobi

    I feel like the only way you can enjoy these movies is if you are on acid

  • Pidialski

    6:09 Danny sat on photoshop for a good 20 minutes making this image.

  • Vincent


  • Poula _
    Poula _

    oh my gosh PLEASE do Avalon high next that would be so funny 😂

  • It’s Rammy
    It’s Rammy

    Danny deez nuts

  • branum787

    2:30 bro that transition though 👀👀

  • axel and toothless
    axel and toothless

    The best thing about about 2017 KSI

  • sabrinasloth

    anyone gonna talk about the tongue? just me?

  • tpwk_ky

    I'm not sure who needs to hear this but... Don't go to your grandma's house if you are being chased by a serial killer. Like, bro thats so rude just get and airbnb or hotel or sum. ✋🙄

  • Sameer Ashi
    Sameer Ashi

    22:51 thank you Danny for the nightmare fuel, very cool.

  • Jasper

    The snotty bear sounds like a Gordon Cole impression

  • Mercedes Bear
    Mercedes Bear

    The Ratatoing shirt makes so much sense

  • Mariana Simpson
    Mariana Simpson

    Can we acknowledge how fucked is the movie actually it talks of kidnap, murder, identity theft, negligence and use of drugs in people transportation

  • NappyheadJon

    I was watching this at night and 11:06 scared the f*** outta me.

  • Drake Bedolla
    Drake Bedolla

    Brother: hey what’s the longest word ever? me: “Ohnothejaguarstailisstuckinthecouchanditsreallyhurtingher” 16:19

  • Tofu MW
    Tofu MW

    Hey try watching the donkey king. It’s so bad lol lov u

  • SimplyJaq

    are we not concerned the fact that stair case goes no where and the railing is the height of the platform of the stairs?

  • Anonymous Lychee
    Anonymous Lychee

    im shocked nobody said gordon ramsay like their surnames are the same :O

    • Anonymous Lychee
      Anonymous Lychee

      ik its not THAT amazing but ykkk

  • Cody

    Hey, I'm pretty high and that cat sound startled me.

  • Pumpkin Queen
    Pumpkin Queen

    The first prank is a recipe for herps

  • I am not an incorporated township
    I am not an incorporated township

    1:21 is best described as "A half-remembered nightmare"

  • Sr. Firew
    Sr. Firew

    Maravilhas dos filmes brasileiros.

  • Stop It Get Some Help
    Stop It Get Some Help

    17:13 I should not have been as startled as I was by the sudden music without explanation

  • Rebecca Howerton
    Rebecca Howerton

    G R E G

  • EbonyRain123

    If I were Jarvis and this was real I would shoot my brother the second I got out of jail for just filming and going "Jarvis bRo

  • Utopia.

    My cat disliked the video, I think she’s not truly greg

  • This Life
    This Life


  • ThatRandomMemeDude

    "Ive never been that high in all my life" - Danny Gonzalez

  • EbonyRain123

    Fun fact in America once a 6 year old was arrested and it's sad and it makes me cry

  • Doggo My Dude
    Doggo My Dude

    11:35 I laughed too hard at this

  • Zenoluvswof

    3:22-3:25 Literally all my friends in a nutshell

  • Grayson Garmon
    Grayson Garmon

    The G in GREG is way to far to the left

  • Shadow Games
    Shadow Games

    CORN BOAT $100

  • EbonyRain123

    Yes in Canada we talk like that and we have the American flag on the walls of our classrooms and teachers of different accents Which one is truth

  • symp

    I was like what is this abt Spider-Man uHm-I regret wOhT I thot

  • Your Local Lesbian
    Your Local Lesbian

    i feel like the dobre brothers are like plain yogurt like they are ok but it's just plain yogurt no flavor nothing special

  • Jaydon Murray
    Jaydon Murray

    100% billie eillish

  • Gabriella Shinn
    Gabriella Shinn

    This made me laugh so hard XD

  • Alex Lamorre
    Alex Lamorre